The Korean Pursuit: Clueless Virgin

Ah! after three days (July 9, 10, and 11) of orientation and seminar from Lincoln Global Learning Institute (L.G.L.I.), tomorrow will finally be the "big day" where I will become an English tutor to five Korean Kids.

By the way, I graduated a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, so I am clueless in teaching; a virgin as I call it hahaha. It has been almost three months of slacking around and not being able to finish my Thesis, which I need to acquire my Transcript of Records from School. Like every eldest, Filipino, "bread winner" son (Dang! I have also forgotten about the proper arrangement of adjectives, too!) the pressure is on my shoulders now... to earn money and have a decent job which will allow me to help my family have a worry-free and happy life. So after a couple of job applications and apllication turn downs I've finally been hired in a English Tutorial Academy for Korean Kids around here in DasmariƱas, Cavite...and the rest is history.

I hope can impart proper knowledge to these kids and can be prepared for the worst case scenario, which is what some of the previous teachers who warned us about back in the three day seminar.

Tomorrow will be the day when I will face Korean children seeking to speak the English language.
                      ~ Chris A. here and ending this post with a melodramatic wanna-be teacher feel XD.


  1. Hello Chris..Done adding this new blog of yours to mine..God Bless!!

  2. I don't think you will become a good English teacher.

    You don't know how to use "A" and "AN".

    Echos! Goodluck sa new adventures!

  3. To Ms. Janeth >

    Thank you Ms. janeth for adding my new personal blog, hope to see you around the blogosphere. Ciao!

    To Mavy >

    Hehehe Thanks for the constructed criticism Mr. or Ms. Mavy. Hahaha I really have to brush up again on my English grammar and lessons before I can really say that I am a good teacher.

    Oh will you look at this post! What the? I haven't notice those grammatical errors before, let me edit them! ;P

    To everyone>

    Thank you fellow bloggers for posting your comments and for supporting my new personal blog, "Life on a Pencil".

    Hope to exchange links with you again!

    Chris A. here, signing out.

  4. You can call me Mr. or Ms. Mavy. I "mavy" a boy or girl. Lol.

    "I've finally been hired in a English Tutorial Academy" - brush that up darling. It should be AN. There are some stuffs that needed change as well but I know practice will hone your English skills. You can do better in the coming days.

  5. Waah! My friends/fellow bloggers also noticed that grammatical error in that sentence. I am sorry.

    I do hope I can hone my English skills. Like I said I need to brush up my English lessons again. Thanks for the criticism and reading through my blog Mr./Ms.Mavy.

  6. tope!!!san ba yang pinagtatrabahuan mo ngayon? i badly need a job..heheheh.. ui ung reply mo dito don na lang sa blog ko para mabilis :) thanks!

    btw, ililink ko na tong blog mo..


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