The Price of Gaining Weight

The Price of Gaining Weight

One of my greatest aspiration in life is to have a "desirable" (in the eyes of the women) and healthy body. My body has always been the ectomorphic type, because I always sleep late  (also because of television, computer games, and studies) and lack on exercise.

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Ectomorph refers to a human body type, characterized by a lean (not fat or plump; thin) body structure.

To further explain this state refer to the image below :

Chris A. as an ectomorph

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My quest for a better health and additional weight started February this year on a gym one ride away from the college campus. I was doing my thesis that time plus the fact that our family has started to experience financial instability so after two weeks of sessions I stopped attending the gym.

Friday last week one of my friends introduced me to a new gym with licensed trainers and new training equipments. My friend Dan who is already an executive member of the gym has special privileges which include bringing two guests or two days with the same person per month and that is what I exploited (if that is the right term for that XD hehehe). I have decided to finally exhaust the last day of the "two day priviliedge" of using the gym for free today. The session ran from 9 in the morning and ended pass 12 in the afternoon. After that last free session I have finally decided to become a member of the gym the only problem is.... I don't have the budget yet to avail the membership and my new job will just start at around the 14th of July (a topic which I will discuss here for another day).

Well, if there is a will, there is a way right?


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