Visual Aids for my Students: The Anime in me Came Handy!

Ahoy! Chris A. here again blogging on a Wednesday night, with my third day of teaching four Korean students. I am handling four active and lovable (in their own little ways) Korean students. They are Tom, Bill, Lucas and Peter. Yup, as you can notice those names didn't sound Korean at all, right? but those are the names they use here in the Philippines and maybe the names I would address them here in "Life on a Pencil", to (you know) protect their privacy and personal lives (you know the drill).

I have been using my natural gift for drawing and my fascination for anime' (Japanese animation) to gain their trust and enthusiasm towards our lesson. Well, Koreans and Japanese don't really mix well, but I hope through drawings and some animations I can make them feel comfortable on my class. Yesterdays, I used images from anime posters (which also means making me cut out my old anime posters to fit my bag) like Yoshihiro Togashi's "HunterXHunter" and Takehiko Inoue's "Slam Dunk". Tomorrow, I will then use Takehiko Inoue's "One Piece" characters, because Lucas (my very naughty yet adorable thirteen year old Korean student) tells me that he used to watch the series back in Korea. Bingo! I now have the ammunition to make him write and participate in class. I will tell you more about all my students in the next posts but for now I have to search for anything "One Piece" to use tomorrow, for my speaking, reading and writing class.

By the way, One Piece is my favorite anime, too. Looking for it is not really that big task of a task for me. I know where to find them and I enjoy doing it. Here are some pictures I will use tomorrow.

Thousand Sunny
Strawhat Pirates Ship, the Thousand Sunnyis available for Downoad Here

Strawhat Pirates
The Straw Hat Pirates(View Full Resolution Here)


  1. Happy Friday to you..Visiting here again!!

  2. Thanks Miss Vicy for constantly visiting my personal blog "Life on a Pencil". Really appreciated it.

  3. This is an older post, but what I got when I searched under the anime tag. XD Inspirational! Every teacher should be this dedicated in getting the students attached to learning. ^^

    (Jenn from animebythebooks; :))


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