Remnants of Last Day of Work

Last Friday, I got the "boot" from the Vice Principal of the English Training Institute which also has a name of Lincoln Global Language Institute. I saw the "boot" coming since my contract was supposed to end in first week of August. Guess, I was lucky to get even extended.

The Indian VP talked to almost eight (newbie and even regular) teachers in a room and brought the sad news. The reason for "firing" the teachers was because the Koren Students are already going back home to Korea which means there will no longer be a need to keep teachers. He told us that it was a business so keeping teachers which will not handle any students will be a burden to their pockets that is why they gave us the "boot".

I felt strange...mixed emotions. I wanted to rejoice because I will no longer have to handle some pain-in-the-ass students and the stress of waking up early for work for fide days a week; but I had promised a lot to my mother which includes buying a new television (our TV broke a month ago) and to help the schooling of my brother and sister who both are in college by the way. I just looked at it in a positive way, maybe there is a better opportunity waiting for me (if I just move my ass to apply for a new job).

Joana, our co-ex-teacher who got the early boot came and supported me and KC in our last day. We had some little chitchat and dine at a local Gotohan and talked to our hearts contentment and called it a day.

Thanks to KC for letting me have a photo with her in our last days of work.:

Chris and Karen

Chris A.and Karen (KC)

KC and Tess

KC and Teacher Teressa (Tess)

KC and a korean student

KC with Jack (a Korean student who I also handled)

Farewell Teachers

Tess, Coby (the one who introduced me to ETI,a highschool friend and classmate), Me, and KC with varying expressions hehehehe

Joana and KC

Joana and KC. I am so lucky to met new and "real" friends at work

Groups shot

Joana, KC, and a ghostly apparition of Coby hahahaha, and me

ETI teachers

Joana, Coby, KC, and me striking a pose on the camera at a local "carenderia" (eatery) near the school

Teachers and Friends

You just can't get enough of us. Hahahaha We are former teachers but friends for life.

Guess who

Guess who handled the camera? hehehe

"Though God closes a door for you, don't worry he will open windows for you"
- Did I get it right? hehehe


  1. Haha, wow! Sounds like you really enjoyed. :D

  2. ok lang yan dude..ako nga walang trabaho eh..hehe

  3. ui tope pano ba mapupunta sa union bank account mo yung pera mo sa paypal?nyemas di ko makuha ung pera ko from dneero!hahaha!

  4. Paanu ba kamo? Simple go to Union Bank Philippines Official website and fill up an online application.

    Try researching here as well:

    Actually nakakuha na ko ng EON Card, nasa last step na lang ako tatawag sa Union Bank Hotline para makuha yung four digit expanded number ko hehehe... What am I saying try researching sa link na binigay ko.

  5. Good day! Have a break! Have KUMAGCOW! ^_^


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