What Happened When I Brought A Camera at Work

Last August 08, 2008 (the day that our contract was supposed to end and a lucky day) I borrowed and brought Vin's camera to work to take "some" photos of my students and co-teachers. What happened was a series of long hours of picturing taking. I still did manage to teach though hehehe.

Me with my student Lucas

Me with my very active student Lucas

Bill,  Me, and Jenny

My favorite student Bill and his sister Jenny (Yshra's student)

Me, Bill and Muddy

Bill again with Muddy (Sister of my student Peter)

Chris A. teaching Ben

This is me trying to teach my student. How to draw? hehehe

Jenny and Muddy

Me, Jenny and Muddy

Chris A. and Karen Anne

Me with Karen Anne (KC)

Chris A. with Yshra

Me with Yshra


Co-teachers (From Left to right): Clarisse, Yshra, KC, Job, and Me

 Chris A with Sally

The very Happy Sally (Yshra's student) and Me.

Chris A with Diana

Me with a very heavy but lovable Diana (Joana's Student)

Combo Picture

From Left to Right: Yshra, Muddy, KC, Lorelai, Me, Tom, and Hans

Me with teachers of room 4

Me together with my co-teachers in Room 4. Hans, KC, Yshra, and Me.

Me and Tom

Me with the very disturbed Tom

Me with my beloved Korean Students

Muddy, Jenny, Bill and Me

The Superiors

I manage to take a picture of the Big Boses of LGLI. They tought the camera belongs to the students but they were all wrong wahahahaha (Diabolical Laugh). Tommy, Bill, Teacher Alam, Teacher Peter, Jenny, and Muddy

LGLI Room 4 Teachers

Lincoln Global Language Institute Teachers of Room 4. Teacher Christoph, Teacher Hans, Tom, Teacher Yshra, and Teacher KC

Yshar and Lorelei

Teacher Yshra and her student Lorelei with me

joana, mark and hans

Tom, Hans, the very funny Joana, and Mark

Friends and Teachers

New Friends from Lincoln Global Language Institute. Hans (Jeffrey Angeles), Yshra, KC (Karen Anne), and me (Christopher)


  1. ansaya naman nito!pero yang caucasian na yan, yang big boss nyo, mejo sarcastic! buti din di ako tumuloy jan.. nyeta kelangan ko ng maayos na work.

  2. http://www.freeonlinegames.com/jobs/index.php

    try mo puntahan..magapply ka din ha!

  3. Nice naman... That's what we're talking about.. Haha! Kodakan plus!

  4. ito pala ang comment box. number lang nakikita ko. kala ko date or number of rounds. joke.

    panay camwhore natin with anyongs ah.

    more more more pic king chris.

  5. may problem yung upload ng flickr, kaya dito mo nlng i download


  6. ayos n pala ang flickr, dun k n lng mag DL hehe


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