The Events That Lead Up To The "Connection" Part One

It has been roughly around two weeks of inactivity here at LOAP (Life On A Pencil) that is because of my "odd" online job plus the fact that my online job requires me to devote most of my times (ahem)"writing". I finally decided to apply for my very own internet connection since my new job can sustain the monthly internet bill of P 999.00. Well I' have a long way to go, so let me start the telling of the events that lead to the internet connection(September 25, 2008).

Benched Player

September 7 - I decided to finally join the two rascals in their Sunday habbit of playing Badminton at a local Badminton Court named "Racquetaz". Eventually I was wearing jeans and slippers which was not suited for the sporty activities. So I decided to just watched the two and too pictures of them sweating their shirts to death.

Drencehd Duo

See? I told you they were almost drenched to death hahahaha! They took a short rest and afterwards continued playing. It is a good thing there was a DVD playing on the service counter of the complex, and that's where I spend most of my time. I kinda appreciate how Rambo kick the Viatnamese villains in the movie Rambo 4.

Drenched Terrific Trio

After Rambo 4, I returned to our table and saw the two having their break. dan decided not to play anymore. Vin asked me to play and I did. The result was hilarious. Have you ever seen a clown goofing off at a circus? That is what you will see as I try to return the shuttle cock back to Vin while dodging his smashes which aims directly to my face. After that we decided to take some shots at the Court.

SM Dasmariñas

Treat me Vin

Coffee Dream Dasmariñas

Christopher sa Coffee Dream

We ate at a local eatery and too separate ways from there. Dan was visiting his wife and child that time. Vin and I decided to go to SM to do some shopping. Vin decided to treat me with a cold coffee courtesy of Coffee Dream still in SM. Thank you for the cold delight, kudos to you mah friend.

Christopher Aquino at Tejay's Thrift shop

Me and My friend Vin went to Tejay's Thrift Shop in SM Dasmariñas to just to waste another Sunday Afternoon shopping for some good quality yet cheap clothing. We still manage to capture some moments there for we are such "cam whores" hahahaha.

Unpaid Advertiser

This is me after buying a polo shirt and a tshirt at a very affordable price. This is me trying to advertise the Thrift Shop for free.

Yen Yen

Electric Tower


Serious Talk with Christopher

We went home right after some picture taking. We decided to shoot everything at sight which include our dog Yen Yen, the Electricity Tower just a couple of walks away from our house, and a preview of our small house with me talking to a very old friend at my cellphone.

Exotic Creatures

Lizard for sale

In some relevant events. Vin went out and saw some unlikely figures in front of our house. The first one is this guy whose selling a baby lizard. I don't know what specie it is but the merchant and the lizard is some strange way looks the same hahaahaha.

Happy and Gay

There was some weird commotion on the streets and I later found out that it was a group of drummers and gay dancers who are going house to house to ask for solicitations in exchange for their fire-breathing and Mardi Gras -like dancing.

...and that Marks Up the end of the first part of the "see title above" hehehe.
More picture and commentaries will be up next post.

To be continued...

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  1. oh shoes!!!i love your SM photo!pwedeng pang ad..haha!


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