Back To Work and the Spider-Man Craze

Well, it has been a fun week but that doesn't mean it should always be like this. It is back to the computer keyboards again to do my work. I am kinda getting used to this kind of schedule but still needs to plan how to spend it efficiently and maximize my profit. It's a good thing that I have already recovered from the stress of not having a complete eight hour of sleep.

Last night, instead of working, I just spend my 12 midnight to 6:00 in the morning reading about Spider-man in wikipedia and downloading some stuff related to him which includes a super nintendo rom, spider-man reign comics, and the Spectacular Spider-man Animation series. That is why i have made a post in my CMAQUEST: An Entertainment and Magazine Blog about The Spectacular Spider-Man Animation Series

batman and spider-man

Woah! Two of my favorite comics and animation characters in one comic book? It is going to be a great cross-over duo
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