So Far So Bad: Why Do People Lie?

Why do people lie?

Well, I am no saint to not to admit that I've lied in the past and I am not really proud of that fact, but today I am now living a clean and truthful life (or I think it I am). I've also experienced my fair share of people lying on me and that is what this entry is all about, on to why do people lie. Generally, the reason is all the same on to why people lie... because they benefit (in any possible way) from it, but let me break it down base on what I've experienced in the past.

the crossed finger

The crossed finger usually indicates a person is not telling the truth. That is also what I've seen on movies and televisions. Characters use this gesture at their backs as they make an empty promise to someone which they don't eventually uphold or keep.

Why do people lie?
A list in no particular order....

* People lie in order to protect themselves from harm.
* People lie to protect their friends from harm.
* People lie to show off or to let other feel that they are superior than the person they are lying to.
* People lie because it is a way to protect their privacy or hide themselves from the scrutiny of the public eye.
* People lie because they like manipulating people.
* People lie because they don't want to disappoint someone.
* People lie because they find entertainment in making up stories.
* People lie to get sympathy from the people around them.
* People lie to make people fight each other.
* People lie to scam or steal something from a person.

If you have a suggestion on to why people lie or some of the reasons looks repetitive (it is highly probable), feel free to drop in a comment. It is again justs some of my observations.
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