Previously on the Life of Chris A.

September 05, 2009 (Saturday) - I started blogging this at around 2:18 am which is just some updates and perspectives. Here I go again...

Yours truly, Chris A. (yeah I know you already knew my online name) have been out of the blog events scene because of financial issues well (a problem I share with the rest of the working class-type of Filipinos). Not to mention that I've also been taking my online home-based work so lightly. a conflict which usually happens to me especially when I am out of inspiration or drive in writing which also affects my blogging activities. Instead I've sidetracked my attention to least important yet entertaining ways like gaming but at the end of the day (or days after getting hook to a game), I still find myself penniless which just adds up to the stress...


I've also contemplated that we (and our loved ones) will not always be as healthy as they are everyday. Thus, it is with utmost importance to save money for future medical "spendings", which I fail to do so because of the income I earn is not enough to reach the "savings mark". I've also would want some new gadgets to improve my blogging and gaming experience but can't do so because of the lack of budget. Acknowledging these necessities and wants, I've turned these frustrations into inspirations/ drive to excel more in my online writing and seeking other employment opportunities both online and off. Hope my will and drive will not fail me again.

I am just like any other normal human being,
face with the challenges of life and career.
Though avoiding life's obstacles and conflicts with others
seems like I can't avoid the unavoidable and inevitable
specially when I am the cause of my own worries.

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