Typhoon Ondoy's Devastating Effects in the Philippines x A Call for Help

September 28, 2009 (Monday) - I have mixed emotions regarding the effects that Bagyong Ondoy or internationally known as Typhoon Ketsana in the Philippines. A feeling of relief, pity, and concern took over me upon seeing the Typhoon Ondoy updates.

I found this video about Typhoon Ondoy on Youtube and put here for it links to various organizations that will help the victims of the typhoon. Click the video to see the numbers to dial and let's help rebuild the lives of the hundreds of Filipinos whom the Ondoy has devastated...

Be sure that you are not being scammed. Investigate and assure for yourself that your donations aren't scammed. Make your donations count.

Make your help count. Help our fellow Filipinos overcome this darkest chapter of their lives yet.

On Ondoy - A Feeling of Relief

Here in Dasmariñas Cavite, we also have experienced the continuous rain that Ondoy has brought for almost a whole day but never imagined that it has taken and ruined the lives of so many Filipinos. First, I felt relief that Dasmariñas Cavite was unaffected by Ondoy. This is what made me feel thankful that in all places in the Philippines that we can live on with our lives, our parents decided to get a house in Cavite.

On Ondoy - A Feeling of Pity

As I've watched the news updates on Ondoy, see the images of dead bodies after the other being rescued from the flood, properties ruined, and the families in utmost grief over the loss, I can't help but to feel pity for them. I know this could make some eyebrows raised on me but this is only natural for me to feel such emotion over the case. Later, I've decided to help in my own little way here as a blogger by posting about the Typhoon and sharing the contact numbers of organizations so we can help (through cash donations or pledges) the victims of Ondoy (See the video above).

On Ondoy - A Feeling of Concern

Being an active blogger who usually go to the Metro Manila area for events, I can't help but to feel worried and concerned about the welfare of the bloggers I'm usually with. I can only hope and pray that they were unaffected or the damage would be minimal (especially to those living in the Rizal and the Marikina area). Hope you guys are alright there.


At a time like this, where everyone is helping out each other, showing concerns over their fellow Filipinos, temporarily forgetting their political indifference, it makes me feel happy that the Filipinos are still one people and can be reunited with one greater cause. Hope this can be maintain in a long run without sacrificing lives.

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