Facebook and Fizzer: Somethings New in the Social Networking Scene

Well there are somethings new in the social networking scene. Well besides the new 2010 look of Facebook's Homepage, there is also this new and promising social networking website, introducing Fizzer

Fizzer - A New Social Networking Site By a Filipino for the Filipinos

Thanks to a fellow blogger, I got the chance to know this new social networking website, Fizzer. At first I thought "Fizzer, sounds like that old Filipino company that has brands to treat wounds" but then again it is a completely different thing. I think this is a promising website since it is developed here in the Philippines and tends to focus more on the Filipino-based users I can also see it as a promising and effective media for advertising locally (for businesses and organizations that is). To learn more about Fizzer and the community then why not sign up and experience this new network yourselves by signing up here

Facebook's New Homepage Layout for 2010?

I have seen various plurks and twits regarding the new Facebook layout but I don't usually go on wild with these buzz until I have seen and experienced it myself, and guess what that is what recently happened.

new layout for facebook homepage

This info is seen on top of the Feeds section of your Facebook homepage signifying that your account has been upgraded to this new look and feel.

I have logged in at around 4:30 in the morning February 09, 2010 to check the status on the facebook game I am currently playing, entitled Three Kingdoms Online and was a bit surprise to see this new layout. I immediately plurked this which was later responded by some plurkers in my network saying that their facebook's homepage haven't change a bit. I thought to myself that they shouldn't worry and that it is just a matter of time before everyone using the most popular social networking site has adapted this new lay out.

I had a friend online at this hour and said that the new facebook layout sucks, so I suggested to him to try other social networking website if he doesn't like the new layout (just like what he did when he shifted from Google to Bing just because he didn't like Google's new hover menu layout). Well, I received no response meaning that eventhough he didn't like the layout, he has no choice but to stick with it especially as we have a mini high school reunion this February the 13th.

Th Review on the New Facebook Layout for 2010

Let me go back to the new Facebook layout, I think the new facebook layout has a slicker design removing that long spacey toolbar on the bottom screen and cutting it to just a short one that holds the chat menu bar and the notifications menu. The quick bookmarks section have been moved on the upper left most part of the sidebar which is a good idea to actually save screen space. Well over all I find it the new layout likeable and slick.

So there you have it two things new on the Social networking scene this February 2010. There will be a double celebration this coming February 14 as the world celebrates Valentines Day and the Chinese community will celebrate the Chinese New Year, but that is a completely different blog entry.

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