Dilis with Twenty Eight Endemic Species of Fish in the Philippines, Endangered!

The effects of El Niño is currently being amplified by the drastic climate change caused by global warming which in return created various local and international concerns. Human welfare is a primary concern regarding climate change, but what could also be alarming are the various reports regarding the survival of various species of animal.

A study was recently released which have been spearheaded by various local organizations stated that 29 bony fishes endemic to the Philippines are now in the Red List The published material primarily states the following:

Red List Status of Marine Endemic Teleosts (Bony Fishes) of the Philippines

This alarming study was also released by the LopezLink. LopezLink is published monthly by Benpres Group Public Relations for the 16,000-strong workforce of the Lopez Group of Companies. Follow LopezLink on Twitter or Be a Facebook fan of LopezLink to get the latest updates and advocacy of the Lopez Group of Companies.

Our country, The Philippines is considered as the center of biodiversity. This title has helped boost the tourism of the Philippines as various international organizations conducts their research and studies concerning the various endemic specie of marine animals located in the bodies of water in the country, but this is not the main reason why we should get involve protecting it. We, as a citizen should help on the campaign to conserve and spread the word to help protect it, because this is one of the main sources of food and employment in the Philippines. This campaign shouldn't stop with the conservation and protection of marine life alone but to all forms of life as well. We can do our part by taking care of our environment and by helping out to create an online buzz or discussion regarding the pressing environmental issues.

Before we start helping other countries in need, not to sound selfish but I believe that we should start with our own local concerns first, before extending our hands to other countries. This report is just a starting point and the initiative to help and participate solely depend on each and everyone of us.
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