Globe's 4438 - A Telecommunication Viral News of Exciting Things to Come

Globe Telecom has been one of the very first communications provider in the Philippines (if not, the leading one) has created something unimaginable, the 4438. Just what is this Globe 4438 anyways that has gone viral and spread through various media platforms like an uncontrollable forest wildfire within a matter of weeks?

Sorry, I am just as puzzled everyone else here in the Philippines regarding this telecommunication viral event which is going to be unveiled this April 04, 2010. I just know that all Globe users will sure to have a great treat in store for them this coming Easter of 2010. Here is one of those few teasers available online:

What Globe services will be unveiled this Easter? Will it be a free call service, new unlimited text promos, or a new reward system for loyal Globe subscribers perhaps? These are all just mere speculations from me but truly, with this types of viral news one's curiosity will surely get the best of him. Sorry to say that this is one of those "you have to wait to find out until its official release" kind of events. Just be sure you're mobile phones are turned on this April 4, 2010 to receive what Globe 4438 is all about.
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