The Lazy Bug and a Retrospective

It has been three weeks since I last updated my blogs and became inactive in the blogging community, luckily I got my act together again to start blogging again. Call it a blog vacation or a blog hiatus but my inactivity in the blogging scene has made me appreciate the little things in life. I have been a lazy bug on blogging this past few weeks and here is a recollection of the things I'v experienced and hopefully learned from it this past few weeks.

It is really amusing to see that there are things that can be realized, learned and appreciated only if we take a step back and slow down our fast phase living. This is what I have realized on my weeks of blogging procrastination, and who would have thought that there is something good that can be derived from it?

Slowing my phase and being more of an observant and a reader has made me realize a couple of things and here they are in various aspects of it:

Philippine politics and the past elections has made me realize one thing (way long ago), that there is no perfect political setting or politician in the Philippines. Why is this so? It is because of our culture and the thing called personal interests. A good example would be the soon to be fourteenth Philippine president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, though I have nothing against the person many have given their trust and faith to him to lead the country to progress but with the looks of traditional politicians "trapos" backing him up, it looks like personal interest will once again reign supreme in MalacaƱang. I am not referring to it as an opinion but rather than as a fact because of the existence of "utang na loob" or the "sense of gratitude". How much we look at it, and not just in a national level alone, the sense of gratitude has always been there to either help or pull back the progress of the general populace.

Blogging, Respect, Recognition and Ethics
A recent issue regarding the relationship between bloggers and advertisers in the Philippines surfaced as one unfortunate incident of misunderstanding on a particular event led to something out of hand creating this ruckus in the blogging community. Pointing fingers and blaming any parties from the said public spectacle is useless now, what everyone who have read the case should have learned something out of it, and that is professionalism and ethics. With the hundreds (if not thousands) of blogs now surfacing annually, we should all recognize the capabilities, responsibilities and the ethics towards the industry and each other whether you are an advertiser or a blogger.

One can have all the treasures that the world has to offer but there is also a high probability that he is not contented and happy with his life. Money is without a doubt an essential part of our lives but it does not necessary means that it will dictate how we act towards our fellowmen. I have been in a friend's house recently and have notice the luxury oif their lifestyle and I must say there was a lot of envy going on inside my head back then. Envy is a negative trait but somehow we can use that to fuel our dreams and aspiration for contentment, greatness and the pursuit of happiness without burning any bridges pulling down anyone along the way. At the end of that day I realized that I don't need to have a multistory house to live in, a stylistic luxury car, and all the money in the world to spend to be happy... as long as we have people we can rely on, a family and set of friends who love us selflessly and just the way we are, a decent career,and a sense of contentment then we are fine as the way we are.

The Indefinite Future and Planning Ahead
Having a good conversation with friends and talking about anything under the sun could be a learning experience itself. Just recently, I have visited a good friend who just gave birth to her first baby and we talked about planning ahead. I was shocked to hear how expensive her delivery cost. We also discussed about buying new properties and their investment on that for their future. This made me realized that what I have today may not be sufficient in the long run and would require a serious amount of planning and saving money if I want to have the best future for my family. With the flow of our conversation it eventually inspired me to strive harder and work the double for the indefinite yet secured future if I just put my mind and heart to it.

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