Another Good Reason to Why Celebrate the 112th Day of Philippine Independence

Happy 112th Day of Independence everyone. Come on do not complicate things by giving me an argument of the definition of freedom or the essence of real independence of the Philippines. There are more reasons to why celebrate the 112th Independence Day of the Philippines and here it is.

We have been celebrating our nation's independence for more than a century. We commemorate all of the hardships, heroism, failures and triumph of our fellow Filipinos and our nation against the tyranny of past colonizers. This is one of the primary reason on why we should celebrate the Independence Day of the Philippines.

The second one is pretty obvious which is the final Independence Day of the love her or hate her 14th President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. With more than ten years of being the Head of State, her time will finally be up as she will soon step down to give way to the President-elect Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Cojuangco Aquino III.

Arroyo's regime was filled with allegations of corruptions, controversies and possible association with political killings which has tainted her image as a leader to most of the Filipino people. Though up to the present these allegations have not been proven, these issues are more than enough for most Filipinos to despise her reign. Arroyo experience various attempts of rebellion, protests, and impeachment along her ten years of regime but it all failed as she endured all of it. So don't you just love it when you can finally see the day that the power bestowed to her by the Philippine constitution shall finally be relieved from her. But of course in her final attempt to make amends from all of the bad reputation that darkened her reputation, she will showcase all of the good things her administration has done for the welfare of the Filipinos and country as a whole. I am not really against that much on her reign, for she can't be all "that" bad, it is only that she might committed some grave mistakes which overshadowed all the good things she has done. Though it is interesting to learn what her administration has done for the Filipino people, the fact that her term will finally be over (for me) is a good reason to why we should be excited over the celebration of 112th Day of Independence.

With a new regime taking over, will Filipinos finally experience the freedom they most dreamed about? An honest, just and transparent regime that will alleviate everyone's life here in the Philippines.
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