Showtime's Dexter Season I Review - I am Now a Follower of a Killer!

Just recently I got my hands on a very curious US premium television series titled Dexter. My curiosity didn't fail me as from the moment I saw the very first episode I was swept off my feet. I knew this was something and darn it was I right.

Showtime Dexter

Introduction to Dexter's World

Dexter Morgan is an adopted son of a Miami police officer named Harry Morgan. He has only one family left after both his foster parents died, Deborah Morgan, his sister who also work in the homicide division of the Miami Police District. Dexter on the other hand is a blood splatter analyst for the Miami PD. He has a girlfriend named Rita who was traumatize on her earlier relationship. Everything seems fine with this set up until you learn Dexter's secret, that he is a serial killer.

Opening Theme for Dexter
with so many hidden themes hidden such as gore and murder

Dexter - The Sociopath, The Pretender, The Killer

Dexter was found and saved by Miami PD officer Harry Morgan from a gruesome crime scene. He was later adopted and was given a new home to nurture him but the experience he has twisted him into a sociopath. The series shows constant flashback of Dexter's earlier life as Harry teaches him to channel his seemingly uncontrollable urge to kill to people who actually deserved it.

Since then, Harry became more focused on Dexter and his training to to adapt and conform with society, and to channel Dexter's urge to kill leaving his sister Deborah seeking their father's attention and approval. Eventually they ended up as close as real siblings can get, at least as what is programmed on Dexter's head.

cast of Dexter

I am now a fan of a killer... killer television series.

Dexter Season I Review

It is not hard to fall in love with this series. Watching Dexter can be considered as a guilty pleasure because you are actually routing for the serial killer with a cause. This is probably why there have been so many "concerned" people from the US in showing it in their local airwaves. Dexter is under the premium television station Showtime which made me curious onto what other quality shows are out there which can be as kick ass as Dexter.

The reason why I love the series is because it combines aspects that appealed to me like the forensics ala C.S.I. (Miami, Vega, and New York), good character development, chilling suspense, great action, darkness, and great humor. It does not need to be that dependable on CG special effects to sweep me off my feet like that of Heroes and Fringe which are also my two other favorite series.

Dexter Seaon I trailer

Season I introduces Dexter a pretentious serial killer which through flashbacks was learned to be a sociopath trained by the father who adopted him. Dexter abides "Harry's Code" that to never kill without a purpose, to kill only the people who deserve it. That is also the reason why I, as a big sci-fi and movie geek to cheer for him because he so much reminded me of Batman. A vigilante who handles criminals which the law can't put behind bars or who culprits who can actually slipped through the law. Dexter has also lost his parents just like Bruce Wayne and a dark past which made him who he is. The only difference is Dexter ruthlessly kills. There are people out there who uses their power to strike pain, chaos, and sorrow on the hearts of many, feed on the misery of others, committing inexplicable crimes but are able to evade the so called long arms of the law, deep inside we want them to be punished, feel the pain that they have caused their victims... just to die. Well, hopefully I don't get incriminated with this statement or associated as a psycho or anything but that is me. Like how a kid look up to a superhero, but with Dexter it is a completely different case.

Season I pits Dexter Morgan who lurks in the shadow as a serial killer vigilante against a more sensational serial killer labeled as the Ice Truck Killer. A series of compromising scenarios and direct challenges to the devious Dexter which made him shine through the season. Even being portrayed as a heartless and empty sociopath, Dexter has shown great character development which made this ride to season one an enjoyable one. A big surprise was revealed at the end of season one which will connect everything and will make you crave for more vigilante gory violence. If you haven't seen the series yet I recommend you to try it.

Dexter is an antihero, a sociopath, a murderer which is unforgivable on the eyes of God and intolerable under the law. A very unlikely character to be a hero but somehow they managed to make him appealing. The reason to the mass appeal is probably because it is based on a novel by Jeff Lindsay entitled "Darkly Dreaming Dexter". An award winning novel which transcended its success to the premium small screen, Dexter has garnered many nominations and won more than a handful of awards from the Emmy Awards for television. If this is not more than enough to give a sneak peak then I don't know what is... well, unless your not into the genre.

Showtime Dexter

People roared and hailed at the success of the serial killer. How was this possible? You can only find out if you see the very first season of Dexter.

... or you can just search for the episode summary online, but come on! why spoil your self when you can have a great adventure with Dexter.

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