The Roman Catholic Church Threatens the State of Committing Civil Disobedience regarding the Possible Approval of President Noynoy for the Reproductive Bill

Just saw the news a little while back regarding the Roman Catholic Church's threats that they will commit or even promote civil disobedience if ever President Noynoy Aquino would approve or help push the Reproductive Health Bill. Do not get me wrong for I am absolutely pro-life but am open to contraception methods of family planning as well. Here is my take on this Philippine news maker.

Official News Source:
Palace calls for sobriety after bishops threaten civil disobedience

I was infuriated upon seeing this news, how can such a religious organization threaten the state of mass disobedience if their wishes and expectations are not met by the government? This is just preposterous! I do not know if whether the ones to blame are the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines or the Media Networks for getting only the side of the church alone. Though the majority of Filipinos are roman Catholic, there are still a great fractions of Filipinos under various religious organizations. If the state would always mind the demands of the Roman Catholic Church, succumb to it, and compromise progress then why not hear other religious organizations as well? Have you ever heard the Muslim community demand that pork should be abolished because it goes against their religion to consume such creatures, or on Hindu's against consuming beef? Imagine that, why of all the religions in the Philippines, the Roman Catholic religion alone has the power to manipulate critical decisions that will move the country forward. How long has this Bill been created? I believe there are responsible lawmakers who are against abortion who will filter it away, so why still go against the bill? Why because it may eventually mandate and enforce various government organizations to provide contraception method that the Filipino mass could not regularly afford or has little knowledge of it? What specific biblical verse or law the Catholic Church is coming from with this persistent hindrance of procedure?

I believe that the Philippines has already gone through one oppressive regime run by Spaniards and friars. Our national heroes who have died fighting for our freedom has made the Philippines of what it is right now, but how ironic that it does not differ from way back then, that the church has once again the power to meddle with the normal precedence of law and bent on what their interpretation of the Bible, which may not be accurate as well? I also challenge local media networks to deliver unbiased news regarding the issue through inquiry of other Filipinos with non-Roman Catholic religious origin like Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Atheism, Protestants, and other Christian sects. If that would happen, then democracy is exercised and the state will have a better way of approaching the bill. If not, then may I suggest the government to have a dialog with almost all of the religious organization thriving in the Philippines then through the systematic way of voting, decide if whether the state will push through with the bill or forever bury it in shame and disgrace.

Here is my last stand on the issue. The Catholic Church threatens to commit or even promote civil disobedience if ever the reproductive bill is supported by the President or get pushed through. If they commit such crime against the state which is intolerable under the rule of law, then they should be arrested and put to jail. No one above the law. Not because they can't have their way, doesn't mean they'll promote and threaten the the peace and order of the Republic of the Philippines.


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