I am You're Family Guy... Closer Than Before

I just would like to archive this feeling of extreme bliss with my family today. It is not anything special but rather just your average life of a working class family. I just feel so blessed that I am living the life together with my family. I can associate the blessing i have right now with my home-bound writing work which I owe a lot to my good friend Alvin and our boss Glenn.

I have been in a couple of misunderstandings this past few months and it is all hanks to my immaturity and genuinely stubbornness. This made me rethink my priorities and re-anlayze where I drew my inspiration and happiness. That it shouldn't depend on others but within myself. That before friends, there is first my family. Now more than ever, I feel much more closer to my family. I have seen a couple of tragedies recently, heartaches and got involved in a recent accident which could very well ended my life. I think this all constituted to the slow growth within me. I am not that black sheep kind of a son, and have always been closed to my family, but I just noticed and am happy that I am more closer to them than ever.

It is sometimes to be in my mind sometimes at it is generally dubious, assuming, messy, smart (yeas, i am that stubborn to admit I am smart), eccentric (in my own way), imaginative, and just crazy. I have think of thins that one can only have in his nightmares which i did and it also scared me. The fact that everything will eventually come to an end, gives chills down my spine. Now I really know what it is when people say that you should appreciate and show love to your family while they are still there, or while you are still there. I almost met my demise on a traffic accident, grieve in the death of our loving aunt, and have heard and seen various people tales of tragedy. I don't have anyone special to cherish right now, nor do I have a child to dedicated my whole life's work to. But for now, I will be as loving of a son as one could ever get. Your close to perfection family guy.


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