What Have I been Up To: Retro Pilipinas, Sari-Sari Store Archives and Other Blogs I Own

Ah, how I missed blogging here in my personal digital space here in CMABLOGS. I have been focusing more on my other blogs these past few days and so I am back here again, giving my progress report.

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So what are these blogs that I have been busy with. Without further ado here they are:

Pop Culture and International Trailer Review Blog

I usually make daily posts mainly trailer reviews about movies, televsion shows, video games and general pop culture stuff on CMAQUEST. Hope you guys can check my first ever blog converted into an infotainment and magazine blog.

Pinoy Movie Blogger
Filipino Film Blog

While CMAQUEST is more on international stuff, I've decided to make a blog dedicated to Philippine Cinema. There are now more stuff to write about the Philippine film industry and it is nice to see the industry get back up to its feet. I usually do movie trailer reviews of the latest films coming out in nationwide theaters, doing movie reviews of past Filipino films, and in between writing some articles (to compensate for the lack of movies created here in the Philippines) about the Philippine film industry in general. Hope you guys can check that out as well.

Kuwentong Bayan at Alamat
Educational Resource Blog

More geared towards students. I seldom update this blog but when I do, I usually feature Philippine legends and folktales for the consumption of our young student netizens looking for educational resources.

Retro Pilipinas
Archive Blog of Retro Shows Aired in the Philippines

Everyone grew up with something and I am the blogger that I am today because of such fond memories. Retro Pilipinas is a blog dedicated in archiving most (if not all) of those wonderful and may now be considered cheesy shows of the past. From animated series, game shows, soap operas, to imported shows, Retro Pilipinas will archive them all for nostalgic netizens.

Sari-Sari Store Archives
Archive Blog for Philippine Snacks and Beverages found in the Sari-Sari Store

This is more of a personal project. The Sari-Sari Store Archives aims to do what its bog name feature, to archive everything found in a typical sari-sari store. From affordable snacks to beverages. Hope you guys can check it out as well.

So there you have it, all five of the blogs I currently managed. To where I get the time and energy to manage them all is still a question I ask myself, but I guess this is because I just like blogging and sharing.


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