A Citizen's View on Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Private Prosecution Lawyer Vitaliano Aguirre II: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak no Evil

February 29, 2012 - Day 26 of the Chief Justice Renato Corona Impeachment Proceedings something special happened, A private lawyer from the prosecution panel Vitaliano Aguirre II stood up against Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Yes, this is another one of those instances when the iconic Iron Lady from Iloilo City getting enraged ala Hulk by the many blunders happening on the Supreme Court's Chief Justice Renato Corona Impeachment Trial.

Day 26 Corona Impeachment Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago holds Vitaliano Aguirre in Contempt

News Source: Inquirer News: ‘Wah’ happened! Miriam Santiago goes Ballistic

This is my first time to actually watch the CJ Corona impeachment trial for a good hour and so, and oh boy, was I greatly rewarded by this scene. As much as I adore Miriam as apolitical character, I know that she went overboard (again) by getting enraged by the many blunders of the impeachment trial proceedings, mainly made by the prosecution panel. She can't be blamed though, the prosecution panel has shown what they are "capable" of and it sure was not any good. But the surprising part was a lawyer in black sitting in the prosecution panel was caught covering his ears as the madam Senator-Judge made her signature speech. I wouldn't go into great details as it has already been covered by various Philippine news websites nor even share what laws any parties have violated (in the end i am no law expert), I'll just share my opinion as a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines about the Day 26 - Leap Year Impeachment Trial pandemonium between Miriam Santiago and Vitaliano Aguirre II.

I've got to give credit to Atty. Aguirre for being honest and having the guts to cross Miriam, but man he definitely got what was coming to him, contempt of the Impeachment Court. I think the private lawyer knew what will happen next, that was both smart and devious of him to so if that was the case. The man knew that the punishment for contempt wasn't that severe so the heck with it, fed up being called names, why not show the same disrespect as what he thought was disrespect towards him. In my opinion, both Aguirre and Santiago went overboard and shown great disrespect for the whole impeachment trial. Miriam by not having the patience of Buddha and failing to control her temper resulting to calling the "competent" impeachment prosecutors names, and Aguirre for showing his disrespect and admitting that it was all intentional. I think they are not setting a good example here, and people have this general impression that educated people are more tact, patient, and respectful towards each other. Besides television news channels, concerned citizens, secondary and tertiary level students are also monitoring and watching the events of the impeachment proceedings. Just what impression would they give to the minds of our future lawyers and leaders with such actual chaos for a historical, public, and national event?

Day 26 February 29, 2012 Impeachment Trial pandemonium Senator Judge Miriam Defensor Santiago versus Vitaliano Aguirre II

If Mr. Vitaliano Aguirre or any of the impeachment prosecution lawyers don't want to hear no evil, (when I mean "evil" it is Miriam doing what she is know for, being tactless in giving her opinion but honest), then they should have at least shown their competency as prosecutors, sensitive on what is at stake and respect towards the impeachment trial proceedings. On the other hand, I agree with Aguirre's last statement to Santiago that in order to demand respect, you've got to show respect. If you don't want to hear or see no evil, you have to speak no evil. Madam Senator-Judge might don't care as to what the rest of the world think of her and that is both good and bad for her: good that she is still still the same honest and legally vulgar (if such word exist hahaha), and bad for the very same reason. So she should have at least expected this scenario to happen once or twice, luckily she has the power to prosecute the feisty lawyer. The same goes to the prosecution panel, if they don't want Miriam to speak no evil of them or they don't want to hear no evil from Miriam, then they should show that they are serious with their case. They should let the impeachment court see the evil of Corona with the right evidence to prove him guilty.

People will always have something to say, like I do. In cases like this, if they don't want to accept or acknowledge what other people has to say about issues like this, then they shouldn't read or share their thoughts on this at all. The same goes to the Senator judges and both panels, if they don't want us to view them to be viewed or branded in a particular manner, then they definitely should show what they wanted us to see, not hearsays, speculations, but hard and solid evidences. In order for us to see such alleged evils (by CJCorona), then they should let us see; or if they don't want the Filipino viewing public to see them get humiliated by the highly outspoken political character Miriam Defensor-Santiago, then they shouldn't let us see them. The three wise monkeys portray and symbolically represent restrain over one self, in order not to be influence or do evil, they should cover the parts that might be involved with such corruption. But what if we are not the one's covering our ears, mouths and eyes, but rather some diabolical overseeing authority working in the shadows who would want us to be kept in the darkness to continue on with their evil? The impeachment trial must go on... to serve as a template for future possible impeachment trials and for fixing loopholes and highly exploitable laws, but please our honorable judges and panels please try to act with dignity, sensitivity and with utmost respect of the state.

Three wise monkeys three mystic apes

See No Evil, Hear No Evil And Speak no Evil


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