Work Gets in the Way: Missing Blogging and Missing Sharing

It's almost been a month! I am officially an office guy working for a budding gaming company here in the Philippines. After three years of home-based benefit-less outsourced work as a content writer, I finally got a job that I like and that rewards me for my efforts. The only issue I have now is I missed sharing my thoughts and information online.

Well, this is considered a blog post, right?... you might ask. Well yes, but before, I had a work I usually wake up in the morning to face my PC and share everything that my hearts desire: international movies, Filipino movies, a retrospective on Philippines, and many more. I literally spend my whole day blogging and it's okay. There is a certain fulfillment for me when I blog. Even if there are not that many people responding to my blogs, in the back of my mind, I know that I have done my part.. I have enlightened, entertained, and informed someone. That is probably where I get my drive.

Christopher Aquino misses blogging

This is an old photo of me on a vacation years ago. Yes, I literally gained wait from this pic and I haven't had any real pic as of the moment. so I'll just use this old pic. Probably next time, I'll have something better to share :P

It is currently 3:00 in the morning. I just finished watching the 19th episode of Grimm while eating the instant noodles mom cooked for me when she opened the door for me when I arrived back at 1:00 am. It was about an hour and a half trip from my schedule which ran from 2pm to 11 pm. Then that same schedule will repeat on the next day. Luckily I have two days of break but recently I got sidetracked when I bought Final Fantasy XIII-2. Well I still haven't finished the game. I have literally spent the small time I had playing the game which is a good reason why I really missed out on blogging. I was really surprised when I received two event invites in the past, but has completely passed out because of my work and leisure. I had this kind of conflict before, but my previous work was more flexible and I was able three tasks at a time. Now I usually spend or waste my time in the bus commuting to and fro from home. I miss blogging and the simple life, but I also know that I need this job right now. One thing is ceratin, I have a lot of things going on for myself right now and a proper time management is really needed to organize the things I love. Yes, things I love. The person to love (romantically) can wait, whomever she might be. As our popular saying goes in the Philippines bahala na si Batman.


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