The Coffee Kings

Last Sunday and not yesterday's Sunday, August 10 (hehehe I really have to be specific) me, Dan and Vin went to SM Dasmariñas to watch Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Although the third installment of the Mummy movies has a really cliche plot I still managed to enjoy the film, and as usual, the two criticized is as mediocre(They really have very high standards in terms of movies).

After the movie we went straight to Dans place only to find out that there is no one home. We stayed there for a while and had a little chat and a coffee. Dan brewed one Kapeng Amadeo (Amadeo Coffee) and out of nowhere came the idea "OOH! Let start cam whoring!" hahahahaha. and so the result was the following.

The Cofee Kings

The Cofee Kings: Dan, Vin and Chris A.

Giant Rubiks

Playing around with the Camera, I was supposed to have this really giant Rubik's Cube but this was all we were able to pull.

The Three Kings

and thus we are called "Coffee Kings" hehehe... Not!

Again Kudos to Vin for all the images used here in Life on a Pencil.

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  1. hehehe!!ganito rin post ni alvin sa blog nya..ang kulit lang :)


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