The Animation and Movie Recollection: Exploiting the Full Potential of the Internet

All my dreams of having the luxuries of life is coming to "full circle" (or a quarter of it). I have been deprived of almost every child's dream back when I was young because of financial reasons (okay! okay! We are a poor family), but that didn't stop me from striving hard. And after I graduated and thanks to my dear friend Vin I finally am stable to provide with myself and family the simple (to grand) luxuries of life... starting of with an internet connection.

internet connection application

Just recently (September 22, to be precise), I applied and acquired our very own internet connection which made me jumped with joy. I am a big net person for I blog a lot online besides Life on a Pencil I also author CMAQUEST []), download a lot from emulated games, watching and sometimes downloading animations online up to some dirty things which I think you and I already know (hahahaha). I can say I am now able to exploit the powers of the internet by downloading hit movies (some may call it piracy but I don't redistribute) from the internet through torrents (which I will make a review also in the future).

Some of the high definitions (DVD-ripped .avi) movies I've already downloaded and watched are the Love Guru, The Ultimate Avengers movie 1 and 2, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Dark Floors, Dark Tunnel, the Onion Movie, Forbidden Kingdom, Street Kings, Scorpion King 2, and Speed Racer...

I have also started to download animated television series of both the past and the present hit animation series like Spiderman The Animated Series and Wolverine and the X-Men (which I made a review on CMAQUEST - here -)

I have also started downloading a whoping 8 Gigabytes of filesize for the complete animated series of the 90's Spiderman. I can almost remember all of its episodes. Her is the series' opening theme:

Will you agree with me when I say that they made better television story and animations (loyal to the comic books) back in the 90's?

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