A Camera Tragedy

My second clog entry is a tragedy. The canon Powershot A470 lens' broke just in the middle of the event. It first beeped three times then displayed "lens error, restart camera". At first i was afraid, I was petrified... before I burst into a song here is a one panel comics of a dude who encountered a problem just like mine. What a coincidence (or not!)

life comics 1.2 camera tragedy

I am still finding what will be the best style to use in drawing my Life Comics here in Life on a Pencil, I used to draw in Japanese animation style drawings but now I am trying out a few new drawing styles starting here on my clog(I still love drawing in anime by the way).

This was supposed to be me back at the Super Bowl of China in Trinoma last December 02, 2008. I got a biit lazy and decided to just placed the actual venue on the one paneled comics to show my dismay and grief (what the...?) on my recently bought Canon Power ShotA470. the scenario was this, I was enjoying a conversation with my fellow blogging friends in our table namely Mark of (http://nextjam.blogspot.com/), Carl of (http://thewebmagazine.blogspot.com/), and Sire of (http://celestialmajesty.multiply.com/) when all of the sudden as I was about to take a photo of the food (Yes, I've changed! Nothing will comes first before the food before, but now a photo op comes first before eating the meal hahaha), then three beeps came out of the camera (which was odd, never heard that before) and later the lcd of the camera displayed "lens error restart the camera". I wasin denial of the uninevitable truth and kept on restarting the broken camera and it kept on beeping and displaying the same thing. I felt bad but still happy (am I crazy? sure am!)

I didn't want to spoil the night so I just thought that it will eventually be fixed and I will be back on taking photos and covering events again. So what I did was talk and fool around with Mark who is really an outgoing and witty friend and tried to pressure other bloggers to give me their blog's URL hehehe. I met a lot of bloggers back then, I just hope they can recognize me after I visit them after I finish up with this "clog post".

The actual coverage of the event will soon be posted here but as of the moment I will just have to rely on my drawing abilities(if I really have them) and use this as temporary replacement to some important blogging events coverage.

This is Life comics 1.2: Camera Tragedy
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