CLOG and Life Comics

Ahoy, again fellow bloggers, friends, readers, and passers-by. You are now at the new and improve Life on a Pencil (

So what's new with Life on a Pencil?

As you may see I have added more features and segments which includes Komiks Review which will be a series of reviews, recommendations, and suggestion on some of the many Philippine comics titles (whether mainstream or independent).

To help drawing skills develop which has been stagnant for a very long time, I have decided to add comics to my blogs which I would like to call comics-blog or "clog"

What the heck is a clog?

I made up this term back at November 27 when I am reading Sir Gery Alanguilan's Crest Hut Butt Shop Comics at Webcomics which featured a daily short comic skit about his life and struggles. Most of his comics are humorous but was later shifted to a more sadder theme which I dare not to say. He stopped making his daily comics at around June 2007. Then it hit me, he is telling his life through comics, and sometimes a short comics is followed by a description and supporting information behind the strip. Thus, making me come up with a "what if", what if this is another form of blogging which has not been fully aware of most of us. I tried looking for "comics blog" and "clog" on Google but the results have nothing to do with the unified meaning of "blog comics" I wanted to have. I am not saying I am the first "clogger", there are a lot of artists out there who I think have done this already but just called it as "blogs". If they derived VLOG which stands for Video Blog, then I think it is not a bad idea to have another word derived from it, which I would like to coin as CLOG or Comics blog, comics supported by a blog.

What is the story behind the word clog?

Doh! I knew I shouldn't place everything up there. Browse up to know the story hehehe.

Finally, I will call my "clog" as Life Comics which will feature my periodical rants, my perspective on certain issues, events, personalities and more with my usual witty side comments which I hope to be somewhat funny so, let me start off with my first CLOG entry this first Day of December 2008:

life comics 1.1 clog

I've tried my best (so far) to make my comics character up there to look exactly like me, but any who. This is me in the process of making Life on a Pencil into a Clog. The banners and screenshots behind the first panel is from the blogs of my fellow bloggers which I hope they don't mind me using it hahaha.

I haven't draw for almost a ten months and I am not that "pro" remember what I said in the past that I am a frustrated artist, well I try not to be frustrated anymore with my Life Comics Year 1 Issue 1 entitled as CLOG
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