The Hardworking Demented Bum or Somewhere in That League Plus The Day Before The Pre-XBX Interactive

Ahoy Fellow Bloggers, dear subscribers and passers-by!
This is Chris A with a new blog update for the Love Month of February

I don't know what the right title for this blog is so I just stick with the hardworking demented bum hehehehe.

To Bum or Not Be

Chris A Bum

not just bum but a complete waste hahahaha a drunken shot from Vin's Birthday last January 20

...well, that is the question. Literally I am not a bum (I guess) because I still have this freelance online home-based writing thing which I daily do which generates income for me every week which only eats up around 4-5 hours of my daily time. After that freelance writing thing, the rest is just the same old repetitive watching T.V., eating, having irregular nap times, eating, and surfing the net (I think I forgot to mention taking a bath - wahahaha a true measure of being a bum hahaha). I missed going on Bloggers event and to see my blog friends personally. It is a good thing that there is going be another blog event...

XBX Interactive Launching Tomorrow

This would be the official launching of the XBX Interactive. Here is a poster for the event which I am excited about because I am a gamer myself, I wish I only have an Xbox of my own though. Though I am not new to Xbox. Thanks all again to the Azrael the "Main Man" for the heads up.

xbx interactive opening

I like their catchy one liner:...
"Stop Playing with Yourself" hehehe

I will now leave you with a special song. Insert the token and I will sing....

Libyan on the Jet Plane

Libyan on a Jet Plane
(Some funny typo I saw at the videoke music list last Jn. 20 at my friend's Birthday)
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