Unwinding and Rewinding

Ahoy! This is Chris A. with another personal blog update.

It has been a couple of days since I've last logged in and blogged about anything about local blog events, well that's not something to be bothered about right? It is just a short lived break to think things out (plus the fact that I am really hooked to this really addicting online role playing game hehehehe).

Christopher Aquino

At around last week I've started to have a small misunderstanding and conflict with some of my friends in the online community which really dampened my spirit on blogging. To add up to that my paypal account status is still "Limited" eventhough I have successfully complied with all the requirements to lift the "limited status" so I can finally withdraw my funds but what do I get? A computer generated reply that their team is currently reviewing my application. Man! It's already a month of reviewing and I am starting to become impatient. Just when I needed the funds the most... then this all happens. The pressure of a bread winner with my irregular online writing gig, plus the conflict amongst friends, plus the financial problem... resulted to me shutting up, planning things out, trying to decipher everything and make sense out of it. Thus my inactivity. The only reward and the thing that entertains me is the internet with tons of great stuff. Lotsa downloads and online episode streams of my favorite anime shows. I've also got back to playing Flyff or Fly For Fun (http://flyff.levelupgames.ph/) which I played and got addicted to at around 2006, and now I am starting to, again.

After a few days, things turned out well with the reconciliation with some of my friends whom I clashed with, which made me really feel better. The last thing I would want is to people getting hurt because of me.

I am unwinding and rewwinding now, maybe taking a break at events as well. Neet to plan carefully my life and my budget, but you will still be seeing me here at Life on a Pencil with more comics (yes I am rewinding and going back to drawing as well) and blogs and at CMAQUEST: An Infotainment and Magazine Blog where you can find anything entertaining which I've stumbled upon the net and sharing it with you my dear friends. Thanks for reading and hope to see ya around.

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