Weird Behavior of Dolphins at Bataan - Swimming Ashore to their Deaths

February 10 2009 - Tuesday, A bizarre phenomenon occurred at Pilar Town when a large number of dolphins came swimming to the shore lines of Bataan.

dolphins stranded at Bataan

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BFAR addresses ‘stranding’ of 500 dolphins in Bataan

I was eating my lunch when I saw this disturbing news over at local Philippine television network QTV 11. As shown in the video I assumed that it was just about 10-20 dolphins swimming to their deaths to the shore of Pilar Town in the Bataan Province. Here is a discussion I started earlier after watching the strange phenomenon: Plurk discussion and Concerns About The stranded Dolphins in Bataan (In Tagalog)

Follow this link below to see a short news segment about this bizarre behavior of everyone's beloved dolphins at QTV's Baltanghali February 10, 2009 Edition:

Dolphins at Bataan Balitanghali

QTV: Update on beaching of dolphins in Bataan
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