A February 13 2010 Mini-High School Get Together at Fisher's Eco Farm Paradise Resort

It is all about reconnecting bridges. Even though time and career has separated us apart, we should still find ways to reconnect and reminisce those happy days of goold old clean camaraderie and friendship. Last Saturday February 13, 2010 (a Day before the much commercialize Valentines Day and Chinese New Year celebration), we went to Fisher's Eco Farm Paradise Resort in Burol Main, Dasmariñas Cavite, Philippines for a mini high school reunion and here are some of the photos I "BORROWED" from their Facebook (I will ask permissions to them tomorrow for it's already late to ask) hahaha.

Terrific Trio at Fisher's Farm Resort

The Terrific Trio strikes Again! This time we wreck havoc at the Fisher's Eco Farm Paradise Resort or locally called Fisher's Farm Resort.

If a picture tells a thousand words then this series has a billion (oh come on! you don't have to do the Math!?!)

Let me rewind to the afternoon before the actual reunion as me, Dante, Alvin, and Diana have planned on what to bring the next day. So we (Dan, Vin, and I) decided to go to the public market to do some market errands. My first time going to the wet and dry market with them with out me spending a single cent! Harhar

As we went back to Dante's place we have agreed that the call time would be before 5 in the morning so that we can settle the reservations on the resort earlier, to avoid conflict of reservations with other families. It was a Saturday and it was expected that the resort would be full of them.

So I went home and slept through the entire evening and was woken up by both my cellphone alarm and my mother. It was 4:30 in the morning (I hate being late with these kinds of things). So after gargling, and tidying up I proceeded to Dan's place and arrived there at exactly 5 am. And guess what Alvin (the sponsor for the entire outing was nowhere to be found!) and Diana was the only one awake that time. A high school classmate and friend Richelle sent me a text message confirming that she was on her way to Dan's place. So by pass 6:00 am she was already there. Dianne, Dante and Diana's daughter was already awake playing with me. We watched various Disney shorts in Youtube which I later realized that I haven't seen some of the Disney movies which includes sleeping Beauty, Mulan, and Alladin. I teased Alvin, who later arrived at 7:00 in the morning (imagine that!) for not considering the call time, but eventually we have no choice but to accept his lateness for he was the one paying for the entire thing! Hahahaha

We six arrived on the resort and were the few people there on the resort. We took some first shots then the gang later followed as the day went through.

fisher's farm resort pics

A small family resort hidden in the outskirts of Dasmariñas Cavite. It features nice cottages and five different sized pools.

The Terrific Trio of Dasmariñas Cavite

We are the terrific trio of friends who have been classmates and friends since 5th grade and high school which has been extended up to the present. To infinity and beyond! Christopher (Chris A.), Dante (Di-an), and Alvin (Vin)

Labasbas family with chris A.

They are the latest addition to the Terrfic Trio, Dianne (my God-daughter) and Diana (Dante's wife). Of course that's me looking with much amazement in a swampy green pond surrounding our cottage hehehe.

chris a at fisher's farm resort

Of course the event with out be complete without a little "cam whoring" (a term so much hugged and used by people these days) on the side.

Dante, Alvin, Dianne, and Christopher on Fisher's Farm

Here is the Terrific Trio plus one... my God-daughter Dianne

Later more former classmates and friends joined us and here are the photos to tell it. World, meet my friends whom I so proud to introduce to you.

Section 2 Batch 1999 at Fishers Farm ResortRichelle, Diana, Dianne, Me, Dante, alvin and Irish

blogger at the fishers farm eco resort

high school friends reunited at fishers farm eco resort paradise

Christopher Aquino and Richelle de Asis

Fishing at Fisher's Farm

The place isn't call Fisher's Eco Farm Paradise for nothing. Here is Rochelle with her partner on camera fishing on the resort.

DBBES-B classmates Reunited

Elementary friends reunited at fishers farm

Dante, Alvin, Andy, Christopher. Andy later joined us in the outing. He is my oldest classmate and friend because we go back as old as the first grade in elementary school. He was online the night before the outing and Alvin invited him over. Once there we did a lot of catching up with each other. It is great to see an old friend doing great.

A February 13 2010 Mini-High School Get Together at Fisher's Eco Farm Paradise Resort

A February 13 2010 Mini-High School Get Together at Fisher's Farm Paradise Resort

Fisher's Farm Paradise Resort Feb 13 outing

February 13 2010 resort outing

Around 2:00 in the afternoon, Francis and Alvin bought two bottles of The Bar. I knew it right then and there that I will be a hard time time later which indeed later happened.

the bar with friends

Francis, Alvin, Dante, Andy, Me and Duds (Rochelle's partner). I don't recommend drinking and swimming for younger people or those who can't control their alcohol especially when swimming with friends. Let's just say this was just some sort of a little get together and get to know small booze to lighten up even further the environment.

cam whoring at the fisher's farm resort

Drunk chris a.

This is me after two bottles of the bar with five friends taking alternating shots. I am not the heavy drinking type so what usually happens to me when reaching my limit is I either my perception is altered (dizziness and sleepy eyes) or throwing up. Eventually, the throwing up state was postponed up until I reached the house. Thank the gods for that.

Around 3:00 pm we finished the two bottles which made me sleepy, I still manage to go to the pool for a last dip but I can feel my eyes are getting heavy. By 4:30 I went back to the cottage and wait for our time in the resort to be up. During that time, I really can't help my eyes but to drop and take a short nap.

A February 13 2010 Mini-High School Get Together at Fisher's Eco Farm Paradise Resort

Rochelle teasing me while I am down for the count. Luckily that being sleepy is the only effect of too much alcohol in my system, my reasoning is still intact. I know other people who technically loose it when drunk and I am glad that I am not that type. I am the throwing up type hahahaha

A February 13 2010 Mini-High School Get Together at Fisher's Eco Farm Paradise Resort

We finally decided to call it a day and went out of the resort to meet a former schoolmate and their classmate, Christine as she tried to at least showed her presence in the last minute of the mini high school get together.

It was a great pre-Valentine celebration because I don't have someone to spend the Valentines Day with so the mini reunion was enough to make me thankful for having such loving and great bunch of people whom I consider friends. Hope they can take the chance to comment on this post (nagpaparinig? hahaha).

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