Ayos Dito - A Thriving Marketplace For Filipinos by the Filipinos

The Philippine e-commerce industry is still considered a child compared to its neighboring countries. Even so, it is not a hopeless case for it as seen in its slow progress thanks to the growing influence of the internet. Most Filipino consumers and buyers alike go online with little knowledge or necessary means to pursue and push with their online transactions. Not everyone knows or have an account in Paypal, a credit or a debit card to pay for necessary goods and services. This is probably the main reason why there is a slow progress in the Philippine e-commerce industry. It is with online marketplace like AyosDito.ph that the Filipinos can experience what a successful e-commerce is like if ever it becomes a big thing in the Philippine online scene. AyosDito.ph is an online catalog and marketplace for buyers and sellers to push with their real world trade and other transactions.

I would often browse, check and compare prices of various products that piqued my interest online. The great part about Ayos Dito besides its price comparison feature, is that the site also provides information of nearby location if ever one would go shopping online. Things come and go and just recently my cellphone was severely damaged. Being frugal is essential these days, so instead of buying an expensive brand new cellphone model, I would probably check first other affordable alternatives. Besides checking for cellphones for sale, I have also been dreaming of owning my very own handheld gaming device, a Sony Playstation Pocket. Seeing that AyosDito.ph has a wide variety of affordable PSPs to choose from, I might end up pushing with a purchase one of these days.

AyosDito.ph starts online and usually ends up in a more personal face-to-face trading experience which makes it a more secure means of trading. It somewhat gives an assurance that you are not being cheated on your transaction. AyosDito is an almost perfect thriving marketplace for trading, comparison and information for the Filipinos by the Filipinos, so check it out now.
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