The Secret Behind Lucy Torres' Beauty Revealed

The business of show business, like any other careers out there requires professionalism and time. A great effort must be focused on looking and feeling good if one wants to stay longer in this merciless industry. Neglect one's health and suffer the consequences that it will show on one's wellness and ultimately be a laughing stock of the public thanks to the ever watchful eyes of the entertainment press. While a celebrity could always result to the artificial method to achieved their physical beauty, nothing still beats the all natural way of staying beautiful inside and out. That is what celebrities like Lucy Torres-Gomez has committed herself in the duration of her career as both an entertainment and public figure.

Lucy Torres on Immuvit

Lucy Torres is one of the most beautiful public icons of local show business and just recently the house of congress, all the while juggling her responsibilities as a mother and wife. Having multiple careers may take a toll to one's body if not carefully taken care of. Lucy isn't getting physically getting younger anymore as she is at her somatopausal (middle) age, a stage which begins on one's late 20s, when the physical signs of aging start to show, and one’s vigor and vitality also begin to deteriorate. Lucy's secret to standing off against the seemingly inevitable somatopausal age are rigorous fitness regimen, a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, a positive approach towards life and good attitude to others, and taking antioxidant-rich vitamins like Immuvit.

“Immuvit is my health partner, especially now that my schedule is more hectic. I find it convenient because you just take it daily, and you already and reap the benefits of the good it does for your optimum health and looks,” Lucy says.

Why did she chose Immuvit as her multivitamins supplement? Immuvit is the only multivitamin supplement in the market that contains the powerful combination of CoQ10 and two ginsengs — Korean RPC Ginseng and the Siberian Ginseng. CoQ10 is an antioxidant that helps protect the body against the damages caused by free radicals, helps maintain cell growth and maintenance, and boosts the immune system. The two ginsengs on the other hand, help revitalize the body and increase its resistance and fatigue.

“Immuvit is unique because it boasts of two kinds of ginseng, combined with CoQ10. Women will be happy to find out that Immuvit will help keep them looking and feeling young and energized,” says Lucy.


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