To 2011 and Beyond: Optimism is the Key for a Great Year

2010 is a great learning experience for me and generally was good to yours truly. It was a great year of progress and maturity. I don't want to make any "New Year's resolution" because I tend to bot fulfill those resolutions anyway. No more shallow words and empty promises, just action and a personal objective which I should just keep to myself.

January started out just right with a perfect New Year celebration with the entire family. We are a lot closer as a family than previous years, and I am loving every single second of it. It was later followed by a very memorable birthday last January 02, where I celebrated that momentous occasion together with some of my closest friends back in high school. I also would like to give a big thanks to acquaintances, fellow bloggers and friends who greeted me on my 25th birthday over at Facebook.

I am overflowing with optimism for 2010 but more than just a positive attitude, we should all learn to take those dreams and turn them to reality. Have a happy 2011 everyone and may we all have a better year ahead.


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