A Look Back on the The King's Speech (Film Review)

Not everyone has the luxury to watch every film that comes out in theaters these days. I for one am one of those individuals. That plus the fact that I pick only watch movies under the genre that I like. That doesn't mean that I don't watch drama, family or feel good movies, I just feel like they are better off to be seen at home. That is why for everything else I go with various DVD film releases.

One specific film that gained my interest is the The King's Speech which has won various wards and critically acclaimed by critiques and movie audience alike. This is why I couldn't help but try it out. Here is my review on The King's Speech.

the king's speech

The King's Speech tells about the story of King George VI and his unlikely ascension to the throne. On a time of war, a king's voice is the only thing that people can count on to give them renewed hope and courage and this is the challenge that the new King face. Prince Albert, Duke of York (played by Colin Firth) who eventually became King George VI has speech problem, specifically stammering. He has sought the best speech doctors he and his wife knew but all failed to treat his speech problem, that is until he met a very unorthodox speech therapist in the character of Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush). It tells how to people of completely different social classes became friends and helped each other during a time of great crisis. A pretty straightforward historical drama but very powerful performance. If you have missed it on theters then get it on home video.


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