A Look Back at My Freelance Writing Career Online of Three Years

For almost three years I have provided my expertise in writing articles and maintaining the company's forums. My freelance writing career is the reason why I haven't been active in blogging this past few years, and I have no regrets in doing so. Here is a look back in that three years as a writer for their online company.

freelance writing career experience

I've tried out one freelance work after I finished my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (teaching English to Korean Kids) when my friend offered a freelance writing career for me. He was already earning money through it so I immediately accepted it. I found myself already making money in my first week. Don't expect this to be like a testimonial for some suspicious money making scheme online though. There won't be any links going to my company's website because I already lost that job, so why bother? duh! hahaha. Going back to the topic, all I need to do was maintain a forum ("creating and engaging forum discussions") and do some short summaries/reviews of existing articles. It was my early introduction to SEO which I later find out to help with my blogs. Each job done yields a dollar or two but put them all together and all for one week and we already have our salary. It was what most would dream of, a job where you can do right in the comforts of your own home on your own phase/time. Well, it doesn't come with its cons though, since we are being outsourced to write we don't have any employee's benefits like salary bonuses, and security and health benefits. It didn't stopped us from enjoying the good life. Thanks to this opportunity I was able to provide for my family, buy some personal stuff like original xbox 360 titles which usually cost at around $40-$50, and attend local blogging events which you might have seen in this blog in the past. It was all great, the best working opportunity that introduced itself to me.

It was a dream job for a happy go lucky person like me, but as they say all good things must come to an end. We (three friends who worked as writers for the company) have been talking about this impending employment uncertainty for quite some time now. We knew that one day, we might no longer be needed and guess what it did came! Talk about law of attraction. Unfortunately it came four weeks ago as we three (me, a friend who introduced us to the work, and another friend who already has his own family) were shocked when we received the news that our services were no longer needed. Let me jus say hat in that three years I only got to save nothing haha, which taught me a good lesson to never be too confident of what you have right now and that there is a need to save for the future. Now it starts once again, but now more wiser.


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