A Post Birth Celebration: A Pizza and Chicken Feast

Life at the English Academy won't be complete without good peers whose always there to cheer you up. Peers who would later become your friends. Woah! That sounded kind of dramatic. This is what I've experienced with my fellow "Teachers", as we call each other in school (coz where not really teachers... yada...yada..yada...) in "Lincoln Global Learning Institute".

Lincoln Global Learning Institute Teachers

(From Left to Right: Karen, Hans, KC, Ishra, Clang, Mark, Joanna, and Me)

Last Tuesday, besides the gloomy feeling I had (my next post), I joined my fellow teachers in Villa Luisa (hoped I got that right) around here in DasmariƱas for the post celebration of Hans' birthday which was really on Friday the week before.

My mouth watered (like it usually does whenever there is a majestic feast) as I saw 4 boxes of thick Crust Pizza and a very luscious roasted chicken. After the gang was complete, except for Vincent and Clang we munched our way through three boxes of the "once were boxes filled with pizza". Afterwards, we had a little sip of tequila (my first time tasting the famous alcohol). It was a lively and hilarious night. Hope we have this bonding session again.

post bday party pix

(From left to Right: Mark, Hans, Chris, Jake, KC, Ishra, Dianne, Joanna and Karen)


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