Papa Jack and Chico Loco: Ending the Day Right with Two of Philippine Radio's Funniest DJs

I am not really a big music fan or radio listener, but when our television broke down at around four years back, still studying and with limited budget, we were forced to look for other modes of entertainment back then, and the only available one that time was the radio. This is when we heard 90.7 Love Radio's Papa Jack. It was a good one month of continuous listening to people's love problems, sound advices, and a very mass-friendly humor. All good things eventually must come to an end when we got a new television.

Fast forward to April 2012, after losing my three year job as an online outsourced writer for a foreign company, I am now forced to have a more stable and sustainable job. My new career that eats away 14-15 hours of my everyday life (except for two restdays per week). "Fifteen hours? What kind of job could that be?" you might ask, well it is because of the hours wasted in commuting. I lived in Dasmariñas Cavite and my work is located in Ortigas Center in Pasig City. So I have to anticipate the traffic every morning allocationg 2-3 hours depending on my sched. Currently I am schedule for the afternoon-night shift and after a normal day in the office, I am left with two more hours of waiting in the bus. Luckily I got a phone with radio feature in it. Now it is no longer just Papa Jack that can makes me smile and laugh silly while in the bus heading home, there is now 101.7 Yes YesFM's Chico Loco.

Papa Jack and Chico Loco - Two of Philippine Radio's Funniest DJs

Even in the radio business, competition is inevitable. Every DJ or radio station seems to vye for the number one most listened to station in the Philippines. Times are changing and people's tastes are shifting. They could either prefer the old ways or look for something new. Radio listeners come from all walks of life, some might prefer the more classy radio DJ delivery while others may like an all-music less or little talk kind of radio. Although people may argue, statistics says otherwise. Love Radio has been successful in maintaining its position as the number one Philippine radio station and this is because of its mass appeal. Not far behind is a Radio station that adapted a similar format to Love, Yes FM. After a while, the once rival radio stations are now working together as one, Love Radio and Yes FM. Radio listeners to one or both the station will be usually hearing these lines on both stations: "Radyo? dalawa lang yan! Kundi Love, eh di Yes. Kung hindi Yes, eh di Love." I can testify to it as I usually end my day or night by listening and switching between 90.7 Love Radio's Papa Jack and 101.1 YesFM's Chico Loco.

Chico Loco in Papa Jack's Wild Confessions/True Love Conversations on July 20, 2011
To have a better idea on what goes on their show or their brand of humor. I looked for their radio show on Youtube and here is what I found. The materials shared below are copyright of YesFm and Love Radio. Yours truly didn't upload them on the popular video sharing website. These embed videos are for merely personal and "educational" purposes.

Papa Jack's True Love Conversations of TLC is a radio segment in Love Radio where he give his sound advices and interesting conversations with his callers usually with love problems and heartaches. Papa Jack's other segment is called Wild Confessions which deals with callers sharing their naughty experiences in a "public radio"-friendly manner. Papa Jack usually has this self-righteous tone when it comes to giving his advice which sometimes sounded so preachy. Although it sometimes bothers me, all in all his segment rocks. Maybe I just wanted to listen to a light heart conversations where he usually cracks jokes, but it can't be helped as some callers really deserved some scolding from the usually self-righteous radio jock.

90.7 Love Radio Papa Jack Wild Confessions and True Love Conversation

Chico Loco's Yes Diaries on the other hand offers the same segment in terms of problem sharing but his style is way different that Papa Jack. Don't get me wrong he can be as self-righteous when giving advice to callers that deserve it but I somehow find his radio show more lighthearted. This is probably because before each caler share their issues with him, he has this routine skit where he reads people's fate by their birthday. So what's new with that you may ask? Well he doesn't really ave a black book of birthdays, he just uses this as a comedic skit. He changes his voice and takes up a character that will read the caller's fortune. Chico Loco can take up the characters like Madam Chiki (a flirty loud-mouthed drag queen), Notnot (a witch of some sort who uses rituals usually to curse the caller), Chiklet (a talkative and naughty kid that likes to tease and ask for money), and Kapitan Tutan (a male chauvinistic macho barangay captain who also was a former celebrity with tons of movies with naughty titles under his wing). I usually laugh silly when he assumes the role of his segment's many characters.

101.1 Yes FM Chico Loco Yes Diaries

Since Love Radio and YesFM have jjoined forces and their DJs literally working on the same building. It can't be helped that other DJs from opposite stations make various cameos on their segment. In some rare occasions, Papa Jack might appear on Chico Loco's radio show or vice versa and usually a laugh out loud chaos ensues.

Papa Jack Wild Confession JV and Chico Loco Guests as Kapitan Tutan

You can only do so much when waiting in a bus headed home. You are lucky when the bus you rode in has a television open, but sometimes with that schedule there isn't much to watch, not to mention some televisions may be open but the audio and reception are horrible. So what is left is to sleep, bu what if you can't? This is where the radio show of these two jocks comes in. I usually prepare my handkerchief to cover my face so that people won't think I'm crazy while I listed to the jokes brought by these two amazing radio jockeys. For me, the best way to end you day is to listen to Papa Jack and Chico Loco.

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