The Allegory of Bubble Gang's CheChe Bureche Skit

Besides being the longest running comedy show in the Philippines, Bubble Gang in my opinion is one of the smartest shows out there. It does not only make you laugh for a good hour once a week (Friday nights) but subconsciously educates you on the reality of life. Bubble Gang features smart comedy every now and then.

GMA Network Bubble Gang Che Che Buretche Skit Comedy Television Friday nights Philippines

Bubble Gang's Cheche Bureche skit stars Ogie Alcasid as the rich daughter named Cheche, Michael V. as the half-sister of Cheche who grew up in the slums, and Antonio Aquitania as their loving and unaware father. Each episode features the struggle of Cheche under her oppressive and plain old bully of a half-sister Bureche. Bureche seems to be the model child, kind and loving half-sister to CheChe when their father is around but as soon as he turns his back on them, the little devil starts picking up on the jolly and kind-hearted Cheche. Justice eventually prevails however as each bullying costs Bureche to suffer in the end.

Gma Network Bubble Gang's CheChe Bureche Skit Michael V. as Bureche Ogie as CheChe Antonio as Daddy

Almost every Filipinos grew up watching generic Philippine cinema stereotypes like the rich are oppressive and evil, while the poor are always the victim and hero of every story. The Bubble Gang's skit pokes fun at this stereotype and turns it around. The funny thing is that it really is a reflection of reality. Watching the news, where "professional" squatters are so stubborn when being forced out on a piece of land which was never theirs is one proof of this reality. Another example is of who is it that victimized hard working middle class and well-off people, isn't it usually the "poor" criminals? I always see such reports ending with the criminal justifying his acts by saying "Wala na kaming makain" (We no longer have food to eat.) or "Kailangang kailangan lang talaga ng pera" (We are in desperate need of money). This is the reality of life, which is sad in the sense, but it is (what I think) probably the inspiration behind such Filipino television gag show skits. I am not generalizing all Filipinos who live under impoverish conditions are all like that, but no thanks to a selected dimwitted and opportunistic few, they have turned the usual goody good image of the poor Filipino mass into something society would hate. I personally know a couple of people who live under such poor conditions. The only difference is that they dream and made that dream come true by working hard in life. I am so proud of them now as they are all well off now, with good steady career and a well-off type of living.

Bubble Gang Cheche Buretche Comedy Title GMA Network reality

Bubble Gang's Cheche Bureche Skit "Painting" episode.

Bubble Gang's Cheche Bureche skit somehow tickles most Filipinos funny bones by presenting the reality is a satirical kind of way. That everyone can be a bully and that it doesn't always have to be people who are in the upper or rich social class to be the ones responsible over the misfortune of their financially less-fortunate counterparts. That like you and me, everyone is capable of committing good and evil.

Bubble Gang Cheche Bureche Skit Bureche Argh

Bureche doing her signature ARGH! fail shout of despair.


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