Eat Bulaga's All for Juan, Juan for All Sugod Bahay Gang December 17, 2011 Willie Revillame Laugh Out Loud Moment: EB Dabarkads Turned One Slip Up Into a Genuinely Funny Moment

An Episode of Eat Bulaga's All for Juan Juan for All aired last December 17, 2011 made a lot of Filipino televiewers laugh their hearts out when a chosen Sugod Bahay Gang winner made a slip up in pronouncing Wally's name to Willie (Revillame) which became a very entertaining moment for the next ten minutes or so.

Jose Manalo Pokes fun at Willie Revillame in Eat Bulaga's Juan for All All for Juan Sugod Bahay Gang last December 17 2011

Eat Bulaga has always been the undisputed noontime show here in the Philippines, but that does not mean that there won't be a any competition for it. This is when the competing network (ABS CBN Kapamilya) made a series of noontime shows (defunct today) to compete with it. The closest of these shows that would actually proved to be a somewhat decent competition was Wowowee which eventually was cancelled because of a misunderstanding of the Kapamilya Network and Willie Revillame. Willie Revillame now found a new home in TV 5 Kapatid Network with first Willing Willie which also got cancelled because of a child abuse case/incident, but later reformatted to Wiltime Bigtime. Somehow the wounds of the past were "somehow" healed between the hosts of Eat Bulaga and Noontime shows featuring Revillame. The most controversial is probably humorous but mostly below the belt hits between Joey de Leon and Willie Revillame. Now being under the TV 5 Kapatid Network, the celebrities from Eat Bulaga and Willie Revillame shows share the same audience every day but not in a competitive way. As I make this post, Wiltime Bigtime is scheduled from Mondays to Saturdays at around 6pm, The Jose and Wally Show featuring Vic Sotto comes after Wiltime Bigtime every Satuday night, and Wow Mali is every Sunday Night. It was also became a news when Willie and Joey eventually became "friends" but to whether this is the real deal or something superficial is left to one's imagination.

No one network has a monopoly over the Filipino viewing audience and this is healthy, if not normal. Dealing with the everyday Filipino mass is what noontime shows do and they usually anticipate slip ups from contestants. There have been incidents where contestants from Wowowee thanked Eat Bulaga or the Kapuso Network rather than their show or network, and vice versa. So when slip ups like this happen, it is up to the hosts of the shows to turn the table around, most of the time it is a very awkward, but the EB Dabarkads made it to something hilarious last Saturday, December 17. Having shows on TV5 may also helped with the easing of the very awkward moment. Jose Manalo imitated Willie Revillame down to his very irritating negative attitude, his arrogance. On a similar note, because of this slip up, the Sugod-Bahay Gang winner only received a smaller price because of this slip up. Yes, the sum given to the winner was probably reduced because of this as noticed in Jose's statement when you watch the video as he stated that the money supposed to be awarded should be forty thousand pesos - "Forty thousand dapat yan eh". I have also noticed this on past Juan for All All for Juan Sugod Bahay Gang Episodes. The amount they gave usually plays around the thirty thousand to as high as fifty thousand peso range, depending on the likability and financial status of the winner of the day. I don't think this is a nice move from Eat Bulaga's part, this make them appear a little bitter of the said slip up. But hey they are the one's giving the prices, so the winner shouldn't really complain much on it. They also managed to mentioned Willie Revillame and his segments in the past which transcends the Network Wars, I guess they will probably get a memo for doing this thing, or not. The Youtube video is receiving mostly positive hits, so that has to account to something, right?

Watch Jose Manalo imitated Willie Revillame in Sugod-Bahay Gang Juan for All All for Juan Dec 17, 2011 Episode here:

By now you might have noticed that I am not a fan of Willie Revillame. The annoying thing is that people in our house watch the said show which sometimes also forces me to watch it. Being an everyday Filipino televiewer, I am (in a shallow way) thankful for those Wiltime Bigtime dancers performing in skimpy and sexy outfit. It makes watching the said sow a little less of a task than a natural thing. This made me excited to see Wiltime Bigtime episode on that day which was not normal. I like intrigues and exchanges of Joey and Willie in the past, sothis is probably the main reason why I am looking forward for it. Well in some way, Willie managed to react to this in a very unconvincing and pretentious way. Sorry fans of Willie Revillame, in my opinion, I just don't find him that sincere of a person.

Watch Willie Revillame in Wiltime Bigtime react to Jose Manalo immitation and Eat Bulaga Poking fun of him in All for Juan, Juan for All December 17, 2011 Sugod Bahay Gang Episode

This is probably one of the best Eat Bulaga episode for me this year. Thanks to those industrious Pinoy Youtube Users who managed to capture and upload this genuinely funny moment from Eat Bulaga. What about you guys? What can you say about the Eat Bulaga December 17 2011 All for Juan Juan for All Sugod-Bahay Gang Episode? on Willtime Bigtime's Reaction to it? Share your thoughts on the comments section below:


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