The Happening: Chris A. is NOT Scratch-Free

It has been almost five days (if I count it right) since I got the "boot" from work which I will later post as well. After yesterday, Wednesday I concluded that I am not scratch free hehehehe.

Scratch free in terms of skin allergies, that is! I've always believe that I have no allergies to anything whatsoever up until yesterday. Later in the afternoon I started to feel itchy all over my body mainly on my legs (above and below my knees), under mi' arm pits and sides, and the head. Scratch marks also started to appar which looks like variation of sizes of lesions (haha looked over that meaning but I don't know what other words to use hahaha) or what looks like when your skin gets swarmed by a gazillion of mosquitos hahahaha. I already taken two anti-histamine medication (last night and a while ago before I logged in) hoping to subside the itch.

Mother stayed in at her work so she is really not aware of what is happening to her beloved son hahahaha. Father told me "not to scratch" it too often and try to control myself from scratching (Yeah! that is easy for him to say hahaha), and suggested that I should see a local "faith healer" because "nakasagi daw ako" hehehe . "Nakasagi" (Philippine superstitious beliefs) means that I disturbed some unseen earth elementals around our backyard because as I recalled I indiscriminately bombarded our front yard with "spit missiles" hahaha (I have a cough! That's my reason.... or excuse XD hahahaha). I just gave a "nod" to my father since my belief in the supernatural has started to fade, maybe if the faith healer could heal me then I might reconsider hahahaha.

Well here I am now blogging to my hearts content. Checking emails and reading blog posts and also taken a new survey on dNeero about health which I think is perfect for this post. So without further ado here is the survey about Eat Healthier, Not Cheaper:


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