Melissa Cherry: A Britney Spears Parody

One of my favorite part of the Onion Movie is the Melissa Cherry Interview. The segment is a parody of Britney Spears at her prime back on her "Glory Days"... Remember Britney when she said she was a virgin? Hahahaha This didn't pass the ever "dirty" and "creative" writers of the Onion Movie:

What am I talking about?
Play the video below and you'll know what I am talking about:

Does Melissa Cherry's latest Album "Come With Me" (More of a "cum" with me if you as me) with her carrier single "Down on my Knees" setting an inappropriate example for the kids?

You decide with her music compilation which includes "Down on My Knees", "Take me from Behind", "Lollipop Love", and Shoot your Love all over Me":

Lollipop Love

Melissa Cherry's Lollipop Love Screenshot

Melissa Cherry

"Shoot Your Love All Over Me"

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  1. hahaha!!panalo to!at kaboses din nya talaga si britney..haha!


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