ONION MOVIE: Depression Hits Losers, Hardest

Laugh Out Loud with the Onion Movie (Well, I did XD)

onion movie

"Only one news organization has the guts to tell it as it is"

Thanks to the net I've stumbled up this hilarious straight-to-DVD news program inspired comedy "The Onion Movie", well it is not impossible for me to discover the "Onion News" Youtube page on Youtube. I am also going to post some of the hard hitting news on my CMAQUEST: An Entertainment and Magazine Blog. Here is one of the segment, studies showing that depression hits "losers", hardest. Hahaha, Good thing I am positive and optimistic now! Hahaha enjoy the clip here ^^,

More videos and the "Onion Movie" Trailer can be seen here:

Onion Movie: Hilariously Dirty Good 'Ol News Program Parody


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