Aftermath of The Clear Black Night Party

Last October 31, me and my friend Vin went to the Clear Black Night Party in Taste Asia in the Vicinity of SM Mall of Asia and had a "blast"(Nope there were no terrorist attacks XD). So let me tell you what happened during that night Chris A. style.

The three goofers

Ederic, Vin and me went to Pearl Manila Hotel to get Glen (me and Vin's friend from Montevideo, Uruguay) for the Clear Black Night Party.

Clear Black Night Party 2008

Welcome to the Clear Black Night Party Photo coverage in Life on a Pencil

Ederic, vin and Glen

This is Ederic, Vin and Glen "The Boss" Roberts

CMAQUEST was on Clear

Chris A. was in Clear Black Night Party 2008

mediamileage in clear

Vin was in Clear Black Night Party.

ederic was on clear

Our new freind Ederic was also in Clear Black Night Party. Safe journeys to you our dear friend. Pasalubong pag balik ha wahehehehe

Ada was on clear

Ada was also in Clear Black Night Party.

Carl Valenzona was on clear

Carl was also in Clear Black Night Party.

Clear Reception girls

Chris A. in a mask

Ederic in singapore

The party started with me, Ederic and Vin(Lad) checking up with our registration for the event. The lovely ladies at the registration table provided each party-goer a mask. I got the black one.

photoshoot with the clear models

Asked the pretty clear models to take a picture with them and they did. I look a bit "off" being the only one not as white as them but I am as tall as them so I guess it still okay hehehe.

Chis A with Ms. Earth Philippines 2008

Chis A with the very accomodating and lovely Ms. Carla, our Ms. Earth Philippines 2008 candidate for the upcomming Miss Earth. We look good together hahahaha NOT! (way out of my league hehehe)

Chris A with Ms. Earth canada

The very alluring and beautiful Miss Earth England with Mr. Smelly Earth Chris a hahaha

Vin and Ms. Earth Philippines

Of course Vin also took this opportunity to have a photo with Miss Earth. This will be a competition between us on who shall have more pictures together with the candidates of Miss Earth candidates. Hahahahaha just kidding.

The event goers in clear black night party

Clear atendance

Met the bloggers again from The event last October 25 with more new acquaintances.

Vin and Mark

The very accomodating Mark of Tranformers Philippines with my dear friend Vin slash Lad

Chris A with sabrina

Chris A with Sabrina of DigDesigns. Her twin sister is out there somewhere hehehe

Carl, Vin, and Sab

Carl, Vin, and Sab posed with their favorite beverage at hand. Carl was so dizzy from his drink (...the water hehehe).

Vin and Sab

Vin and Sab - The Drinking spree or the drinking is free.

Chris with Carla

Can't get enough of Miss Carla, so here is another photo of me with her.

Chris and Ada

This is the "other" Lajara sister... Ada. We promote love and "peace".

"Please No Gang Signs. No I'm just kidding. Put it up, i want to see it under Myspace." from Tony Spark of Iron Man Movie.

Azraelsmerryland and cmaquest

The "main man" Azrael of Azrael's Merry Land and Chris a of CMAQUEST: An Entertainment and Magazine Blog. The party was more than a thumbs up. It deserved a two thumbs up, one from me and one from Az.

Chua Brothers

The very accommodating and engaging Chua Brothers. Errol (left) and Erick who were giving drinks to bloggers. I could remember one of them saying...

"Nasa Pilipinas tayo. Inom tayo. Walang pulis dito."
~ "We are on the Philippines. Let's drink. There are no cops here."

The candidates of Ms. Earth 2008

The candidates of Miss Earth were welcomed by the proud owner of SM Supermalls Mr. Henry Sy. I knew he looked kind of familiar. I just found it out later.

Miss Earth candidates at Clear Black night Party

Miss Earth candidates at Clear Black Night Party. From left to right: Miss Earth Philippines, Ms. Earth England, Ms. Earth Tanzania, Mr. Henry Sy (nope he is not a candidate of Ms. earth hehehe), Ms. Earth Canada, and Ms. Earth Greece.

Miss earth candidates arrived

Ms. Earth candidates arrived and now had entered the vicinity. We are on the prowl, ready to prey on these lovely ladies. Prey in terms of picture taking opportunities.


The Magic Man, with me and Ederic.


I am trying to portray here the "wasted-look" hehehe.

Chris A bounces

"Come on let's tease the Bouncer. Vamonous! (Hope I got that word right)"

lovely clear models

This is me with the Clear models (I keep referring to them as models, hope I am right). I like the very pretty girl on my left. She reminds me of a teacher I once work with in a Christian School.

Me with the big people

This is me with my boss on my right, and the big names of e-commerce.

Jori and chris

joris entertainment journal

Jori of Jori's Entertainment Journal with the "cam whore" (hahahaha) Chris A. of CMAQUEST

Miss lace and the predator girl

Miss Lace and the predator girl

The Predator Girls Victimizes

The predator girl does it again by attacking this unsuspecting lovely lady hehehe

azrael and the predator girl

No! Az!!!!

chris a with a predator

I smile at the face of danger. hehehe

the lovely woman who swept me off my feet

I asked her name but didn't heard it clearly. She is the beautiful and the lovely girl who swept me off my feet. Expect more photos of her here ^^,

my crush with the predator

The Predator girl with the beautiful and lovely women of Clear. "She" is so lovely.

gorgeous clear

Lovely ladies of clear with the predator girl

mark of transformer philippines

This is Mark of Transformer's Philippines. Will soon join their league. I wanted to wear it but I am not worthy hehehehe

optimash at clear

Optimash prime was also at Clear.

chris and mika

Chris and Mica

I really enjoyed the party though I am not really of a dancer. Just took photos and wander off looking and taking pictures with Vin's handy dandy camera (which is in pink by the ways, hahaha he hates me when I keep on mentioning that his digital camera is "pink"). We went home at around 1:00 in the morning of November 1, and decided to grab a "goto" before going home.

Photos are grabbed from:

Ada's Multiply Clear Black Night
Azrael's Merry Land's CLEAR Black Night Halloween Party with Bloggers and many more
Lad's Flickr Photostream
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