In A "Sticky" Situation

Ahoy Again! Like the Revisiting the Dormitory Scare a comics skit I made back in 2005, this is one of those old jokes which I was supposed to contribute to our school publication (which never came to be. The school's management is corrupt I tell you!). This comics is entitled and "Pinag-iba" or "The Difference".

funny comics

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Panel 1:

Guy 1: Do you know what is the difference between a "booger" and Prince Charles?
Guy 2: What?

Panel 2:

Guy 1: Prince Charles is the "heir" to the throne, while a booger is thrown to the "air". TSUK! (and flicks the sticky thing he keeps on rolling between his fingers and hits Guy 2)

I referenced the guy 1 who plays with his booger to me hahahaha and No! I don't play that much with my booger (just enough XD) and the guy 2 is my dear old good friend Dan.
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