Revisiting The Dormitory Scare

Woah! What's with the title? Nope, this is not some Halloween or scary ghost story rather it is one of my old comic version of a "not so funny" running joke about a horrific dormitory scare. You've been warned, get ready to be popped because it is "corny"... get it? popped + corny = popcorn = corny. Oh, krap (intentional typo).

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Panel 1:
Guy 1: Yo dude there is a rumor that there's a gay in this dorm (all men's dormitory).
Panel 2
Guy2 : Really? Who's the guy?

Panel 3
Guy1 : I'll tell you who, if you kiss me first. Mwah Mwah
Guy 2: ~~~Help!

Another classic joke I've drawn in the past. Look at the grammar errors I had in there that time! hehehe

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