Concerns for the Coming New Year Celebration

December 30, 2008 - Rizal Day, this is the 112th death anniversary of our country, the Philippines' National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal (José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda). Well, I am sad to say to our (if I acould ever talk to him, maybe later in my dreams) dear hero but the Filipinos have not yet seen the light of the sunrise that you and the 100 more heroes fought for... the fight continues on but thanks to you hope never dies.

I've done nothing patriotic (or I don't know if it is required) or special for my country this day, just the usual laundry day Wednesday (what? it's Tuesday?), ah! I remembered that I suggested that we move our regular laundry day now to avoid our supposed to dry laundry from smelling like firecracker smog.

There are also some concerns I would like to share this upcoming New Years eve before 2009...

Yen Issue

Yen Yen the dog

Nope, it's not the currency but our dog Yen Yen. I've seen and am completely aware of the noise and pollution of firecrackers to dogs which made me worry about our dog. Hope she'll be okay tomorrow, we are trying to decide if we'll place her at the comfort room or inside the washing machine (hahaha kidding).

On Starting the Year Right

There is this traditional Filipino (or maybe Chinese belief) that you should start the year with a "debt-free" New Year which is not applicable to my case. I owe a couple of thousand bucks to my brother and father for the digital camera which I barely used and caused me so much frustrations, by next year I'll receive the darn (or expensive to be blasted)thing. So I'll start the New Year with a debt which (base on the belief) says that i'll be having debts the whole year round... well, that's just fine by me... but not to the persons I might owe hahaha.


Well, I hate to bring back my old self (the pessimistic Chris) but with the highly publicized issues concerning the growing incidents of death by "stray bullets" I can't help but to worry and be paranoid that I or any of my family members experience such recklessness and irresponsibility of trigger-happy individuals (knock-on-wood)... but in order enjoy the New Year celebration i must put this unwanted paranoia aside. Hope everyone this new year will be safe and out of harms way.

Happy New Year from Life on a Pencil

Happy New Year everyone and may you all have a prosperous and great year ahead.
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