Few More Posts Before We Bid Farewell to the Year 2008

Well, it's been a really laid back week for me in terms of work. All play and no work made Chris A. broke hahaha. Well, I am reviving my dying income again by doing more freelance writing and reviews again. I've also managed to fixed my sleeping schedule (Thank goodness!). Well here is a few posts befor we bid farewell to 2008.

Late Christmas Gift to my God Daughter

Chris with god daughter

A photo with my "inaanak" taken last July 2008

Yesterday, thats a December 28, Sunday at around 2:00 in the afternoon I went to Sampaloc Piela going to GMA, Cavite to visit the house of my "inaanak" (God daughter) for a late "Pamasko" or Christmas gift. I arrived at my friend's wife Diana at around 2:30 who was about to have an afternoon nap (sorry dear, duty calls hahaha). Diana entertained me a bit and minutes later her good husband and my dear friend Dan arrived with a Barbie movies in DVD. We chat a bit and finally Dianne(my pamangkin woke up) and was a bit shy to see a fresh (or stressed) face of her "Ninong" (God Father)... I was giving her the really "expensive" (Dan might be reading this hahaha) wind-up doll which had a rotating head and plays a short tune of Beethoven's classic piano theme (forgot the title). There was also an "angpaw" (a Chinese envelope to put money as gift inside with a small amount of money). Dan played the DVD movie and Dianne together with family watched Barbie The Diamond Castle and Barbie Mariposa, which was a bit entertaining, it brought out the " little girl" in me hahaha. Here are the trailers for the two Barbie movies I've watched hehe:

Barbie Mariposa

Barbie The Diamond Castle

Dianne was now a bit at ease with my presence, she has now been playing with me. After two Barbie movies, I've got so "girly" I've wanted to have wings hahahaha, so I spread my wings and flew (LOL Hahahaha) to the dining area to eat an early dinner served by Diana. In the kitchen Diana's cousins where watching a rerun of a hit Japanese anime back in 2004 or 2005 entitled Fushigi Yuugi.

Fushigi Yuugi

After dinner me and Dan bid farewell and promised to Diana to see each other at December 31 at a friend's (Richelle) house for a visit before the eve of the New Year.

We later went to visit our grounded friend Vin Hahahaha... and grabbed a bite over at 7Eleven and call it a Day.

Dianne and the God Fathers

Dianne, Me, Vin, Diana, Dan
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