Pacquiao's Victory and Dasmariñas Cavite's 141st Celebration

The "Dream Match" is over with Oscar "The Golden Boy" De La Hoya quitting and surrendered to the ever awesomeness (I am Po of kung fu Panda hahaha) of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's agility, strength and intelligence. So what happens after this victorious event for the Philippines and the Filipinos? It's time to celebrate!

141st feast of immaculate conception dasmariñas cavite and december 8, 2008 events

Yup! yup! this is more of an event coverage for the Eve Before the 141st Anniversary of Dasmariñas, Cavite. My Pacquiao-de La Hoya viewing experience will come later which I will tell my via a series of three to four paneled clog.

Where should I start? I'll start after Pacquiao won (heard it via radio), I immediately rushed to SM Dasmariñas to buy "cheap" blank CDs which cost just around 5 Philippine Pesos each (mwahahahaha!) for my pc files to be backed-up and to save disk space. I rushed home and saw that the delayed telecast in KAPUSO channel is already over (Gyargh! still haven't seen how he actually made De La Hoya surrender). I head straight to my pc to burn some files which will serve as a back up and will also be borrowed by a good friend Azrael. From 4:00 in the afternoon all the way up to 7:30 I've waited til the burning to finish! I wonder what made the burning so slow, the last CD took over almost an one hour to burn(got to fix my "mobo" settings or my hard disk for virus attacks ..again). I rode a bus from Dasmariñas going to Lawton to meet up with Az at SM Bacoor. We met at around 8:25 and exchange merchandise (sounds suspicious huh? hahahaha) He let me borrowed two authentic games (Woah! I never had one before hahahaha). One is Lord of the Rings: War of The Ring and Ground Control II which are both Real-Time Strategy Games or RTS games. We grabbed a bite over at Shabu Shabu (meal courtesy of Az, as usual hahaha) and enjoyed the fish "thingy" in noodle soup added with a spicy condiment (and boy! did that made my tongue burn hahaha). The meal was delicious! Expect me to try another one of their servings anytime in the future. We strolled to Toy Kingdom to express our inner child (hahaha) or to look for interesting toys... and there sure are so many too choose from (of course there is! you are at a toy store, silly!). We later bid farewell and I rode back to Dasmariñas to watch the annual pre-fiesta program for the 141st Dasmariñas Cavite's town anniversary

The 141st Feast of Immaculate Conception (Dasmariñas, Cavite) Aftermath

Finally i've arrived at around 9:00 pm, the wide "free" area in front of the Dasmariñas Public Library transformed into a mini concert hall. Two very amusing, upbeat, outgoing and most of all very "gay" hosts namely Bullet and Divine emceed the event.

I have arrived at the exact moment as the first celebrity goes up the stage to perform. Kapuso (GMA Station) Artists are lined up to perform that evening. The first one to perform is Pop Star Kids' Rita Iringan. she sang Jaya's "Wala na Bang Pag-Ibig" and "Jingle Bell Rock". Survivor Philippines Evicted Patani entertained the Dasmarineños with her Bisaya accent and mispronounced way of speaking things. Jervy Patani sang "Luha" and "Aking Mahal" by the Aegis. After her is another Survivor Philippines evicted cast-off performed, Jace danced "Chicken Noodle Soup" and sang Ogie Alcasid's "Nandito Ako" to a "very shy type girl" (Divine and bullet are teasing the girl to take advantage of the moment, which means to hug the "hunk"). A short and entertaining program was spear-headed by the two emcees, a Miss Kurimaw Gay Beauty Pageant which is really entertaining though their main source of humor is by making fun about the contestants (how they look like), it is a good thing that the gay contestants are such sport. Sheena Halili impressed and danced to the audience in the beat of "So Sexy" Dance and later sang and danced Imago's "Tara Lets". Finally, the last Kapuso who performed for the 141st Feast of Immaculate Conception is the heart throbbed Aljur Abrenica. He sang O-Town's "All or Nothing" and A1's "Like a Rose" and serenaded a girl who really took advantage of him that time hahaha (she entangled him with her arms), she received a rose and a soft kiss in the cheek from the hunk.

Rita Iringan Pop Star Kid

Rita Iringan

Jervy Patani Daño

Jervy "Patani" Daño

Survivor Philippines Reynaldo Jace Chanco Torres, Jr.

Reynaldo "Jace" Chanco Torres, Jr.

Sheena Halili

Sheena Halili

Aljur Abrenica Starstruck

A short moment of silence were requested for the passing away of the 20 year old Star Struck Ultimate Champion Marky Celo early that morning. Sheena gave a message to Marky to where ever he "might be" which eventually made her cry. Aljur comforted her and also says that he was a good man and he can't say anything bad about Marky Cielo.

Marky Cielo Starstruck

Marky Cielo died at the age of 20 years old on December 07, 2008.
Paalam Kay Marky

The program ended after that sad moment with a bang. Colorful and loud fireworks painted the dark gloomy skies of Dasmariñas that night. It was around 11:45 and the festive feel that it is really "Fiesta in Dasmariñas" is back! Dasmariñas Cavite has been established for over than 141 years? woah! I have seen its progress thoughout the years and even if I was born in Tondo Manila, I spend most of my life as a Dasmarineño and I am proud to be one (how cliche that might sound).

I tried looking for Dasmariñas Cavite photos over at Google and I can't seem to find a decent photo of the establishments found in Dasmariñas. I've also tried looking for "Dasmariñas Bloggers" or "Dasmarineño Bloggers" which produced a very short link list. Hmmm, should I start putting my hometown and reintroducing it to the world through my blogs? Hmm, guess that would be a daunting yet fulfilling task... I am Game!

map of dasmariñas

Dasmariñas Cavite on Wikipedia

So I guess I am Chris A. a Dasmariñas Blogger or is it Dasmarineño Blogger
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