My Firsts: The Komikero Meeting and San Pablo Laguna Trip

Last January 25, 2009 was marked as the Komikero Meeting Day which was held by Sir Gerry Alanguilan of Komikero who is also known by the way as one of the many great comics artists here in the Philippines and abroad.

Gerry Alanguilan

Me with Sir Gerry "Komikero" Alanguilan at Fat Larrie's

It was my first time to go to Laguna so I was a bit of excited, nervous and paranoid (as usual). My say started at around 7 am I got awakened by the loud music coming from the boarding house where my (not so like-able) cousin and his wife live. That is the first time I thank his early morning noise because I believe my ear got used to the cellular phone's alarm hehehe. I left home at around 8:30 all set up for the long trip ahead.

A Dasmarineños Route To The Province

Sampaloc Lake San Pablo Laguna

Dasmariñas, Cavite to Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo Laguna Route

As always I took a jeep ride from our home in Dasmari164as Bagong Bayan E to the Dasmariñas Town Proper. From the highway I rode another jeep going to SM Dasmariñas or you can also take any jeep going to Indang, Trece or Silang and ask the friver to drop you off before the intersection near SM Dasmariñas and Robinsons Dasmariñas. There are two terminals there, one is the van terminal in from of Terasa de Dasmariñas in the Robinsons Dasmariñas Area but that is not the terminal which you'll take. Acroos the other side of the road are the provincial fx or vans going to Lucena, San Pablo, Calamba etc. and beyond. Buy a ticket at the ticket booth and choose the San Pablo trip. The trip costs at around 125 Php (Philippine Pesos)and wait until the van is good to go and prepare for a two hour ride from Cavite to Laguna. Ask the driver or any kind hearted passengers (which I did) to drop you off San Pablo Medical Center. Upon arriving at san Pablo Medical Center take a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you at Sampaloc Lake sa Taas ng Hagdan (Upstairs? hahaha lame translation wahaha) and that is where I saw Sir Gerry, Jonas and the rest of the Komikeros.

San Pablo City Laguna

I saw them go up the stairs and as I recall it was around 11:30 whwn I arrived there and they were now going to have their Lunch at Fat Larrie's San Pablo Laguna (Uh-Oh here comes trouble)

Komikeros frustrated at Fat Larrie's service

This is the enthusiastic and a bit hungry Komikeros as they entered a decent restaurant facing the Sampaloc Lake which goes by the name Fat Larrie's.

The Food at Fat Larrie's

Now let me get to business. I am not a fan of waiting and thank goodness there are the Komikeros whom I can talk to and if without them I would have turned into "Hulk". Why?Because they showed a very SUCK-y service. Yes they suck! The food, I believe took over 20-30 minutes before it was served to us and take note it was individually served and not in one wave. So we have no choice than to eat our lunch individually instead of eating together. I asked some of them if was it worth the wait and they all said... No. Because of their suck-y service then they should be prepared for the serious repercussion it sprouted... complaining, angry and now doing a bad restaurant review Komikeros.

Well, after we finished our meal... which I believe took us over an hour at Fat Larrie's the other Komikeros who are a part of the Bayan Knights Comics went down the stairs near the lake to reserve a table for us. Sir Chito, Sir Jonas, and Sir Gerry, with me Sir Chris (what the?) was left there to pay our bills and followed the rest down the stairs.

Chicken StyleChicken Feet

While Sir Gerry pays for the bill we've noticed this strange writing on the menu board. This puzzled us to what kind of food is this Chicken Style Chicken Feet? We will never know

view of sampaloc lake in san pablo laguna

Sampaloc Lake in Laguna

A beautiful view of the Sampaloc Lake at top of the stairs in San Pablo City in Laguna

Komikeros down the stairs

Sampaloc Lake Stairs

Told you we went down...

walk at sampaloc lake

Yes, I was like their conscence as I tailed on the two great artists as they walked towards the other Komikeros. Paparazzi mode wahahaha.

People near sampaloc lake

Sundays at San Pablo City

The area at that side of the lake was so lively as families, and children enjoys a peaceful and windy Sunday near the beautiful and Clean Sampaloc Lake in san Pablo City Laguna.

Christopher Aquino in San Pablo City Laguna

komikero meeting january 2009

Boo! Did I scare yah! Of course this is another one of those "I was in" shot hehehe so here it is "I was in Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo City Laguna!!!"

Gerry Alanguilan looks at portfolio

Sir Gerry looks at the new Komikero's work. What I did was took photos and tried video blogging some of the scenes there. Hope I will have the time and resource to pull one successful vlog.

Komikero Meeting January 2009 near Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo City Laguna

Komikero Meeting January 2009 near Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo City Laguna

I've also got to meet new peers and fellow Deviant Art ( Members and great artists. This was a very cool experience for me and the trip was all worth it.
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