TV5 LIVE Shake Mo TV Mo Caravan! - A Great Year Blog Event Starter for 2009

What date is it? Wooh! It's almost over a week since I last updated Life on a Pencil, I've been busy with my other blog CMAQUEST: An Infotainment and Magazine Blog (See it here: and of course with my freelance writing job (reasons! reasons! reasons! hehehe). So let me tracked by the event that jump started all the upcoming events for 2009, the...(drum roll...) TV5 LIVE Shake Mo TV Mo Caravan!.

TV 5 Shake Mo TV Mo Live Caravan at Star City Pasay City

My day basically began when my mother woke me up at around 7 in the morning for the TV 5 Shake Mo TV Mo! Live Caravan event in Star City. I set it that time anticipating a two hour traffic from DasmariƱas Cavite to Pasay City. I was already on board a bus at around 8 am and started sending sms text messages to fellow blog friends going to event namely Azrael, Gab, Ada, and Carl, reminding them to be early because Az told us via his plurk that we should be at the event before 10 pm and so I did.

I arrived at around 9:05 in the morning with just a few people starting to populate the doors of the famous theme park. The event was set up near the open space (parking space) of Star City. The TV 5 Live Caravan was just finishing its last preparations to start the event. While waiting for the other bloggers I purchased a Taho(Soya drink) from a nearby vendor and roam around the area. At around 10:40 am the two Marks (Mark of NextJam and Mark of Heer0san ) arrived and finally accompany me in. I managed to talked to Ms. Judy (as I were told by the admin people) to talk about how to get in. Well, basically I just said we are bloggers and they immediately gave us the three tickets. At around 11:30 Azrael of Azrael's Merryland with Lace of Style and Relax joined the three of us.

Chris A. punching

Once inside we started trying out various games for small prizes. I tried out this punching game "thingy" (Don't know how to call it) and won five sachets of Extra Joss energy juice drink (one of the major sponsors of the event) upon hitting the "weakling" mark hehehe.

free ride all you can at Star City

yoanna of tv 5

A free complimentary tickets for a Ride All You Can Tickets where given to Bloggers covering the event which made me more merrier. Thanks to the people of TV5 for the tickets! Yahoo!!!

There are also booths where kids like myself (say what?) can have their favorite dinosaur Barney as their background. Here is me introducing the inanimate Barney, while Barney is introducing the inanimate me... hehehe

The Bloggers in TV 5 Shake Mo TV Mo Live Caravan at Star City

Edward of Musicrator arrived passed 12 and joined the happy bunch of bloggers (us) in the TV 5 Live Caravan.

F5 Boys

ic mendooza, valin, and kim

TV 5 celebrities entertain the crowd with their youthful energy.

Wanlu and puppets

Barney and Friends

Girls of Toyz


Oyo Boy Sotto of Midnight DJ


Raymond Marasigan of Sandwich

Bangs of Midnight DJ

Chris A at the TV5 Shake Mo TV Mo Live Caravan

Sandwich at TV5 Caravan

TV5 Live Caravan Rock and Roll

Imago at TV 5 Shake Mo Blog Mo Live caravan

Imago Rock and Roll

Sandwich Rock and Roll

Blogger Boys

Meet The F5

- Currrently uploading the images and activities which occured that day. Sorry for the inconvenience. Well I could just wait til its all finish but I am kind of hyperactive and energetic so bare with me hehehe -
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