The First Spa Movie Theater in the World: A World Class R&R Movie and Spa Haven is From the Philippines

The relaxation of a spa and the leisure of watching a movie are the two concepts creatively put together which gave birth to the first ever spa movie theater in the world, Blue Water Day Spa

blue water day sap first spa movie theater in the world

Blue Water Day Spa

The first spa movie theater in the world is also the first of its kind here in the Philippines, Blue Water Day Spa is equipped with a Spa Theatre, Couple’s Rooms, Common Rooms, Locker Rooms, and Sauna. The BlueWater Day Spa Ortigas Avenue Branch has now opened its doors to the people of the Metro. To find out more about the Blue Water day Spa and what facilities it offer visit the TECHFILIPINO's First Spa Movie Theatre in the World.

blue water day sap first spa movie theater in the philippines

The Spa Theatre as seen in Blue Water Day Spa's Official Website

The idea of a spa and a movie rolled into one is a great idea for friends, couples, and families. I specially recommend and support this world class relaxation haven. I am a big movie enthusiast and I share this special interest with three of my best friends and I imagine relaxing in the Spa Theatre while we talk and throw inside jokes at each other, criticize the movies plot, characters, actors (their performance) and many more. Well, of course this is me playing with my imagination again but will sure love to try it for real.

I believe it is a great venue for a more slow-phased and relaxed bloggers get together because they are not just enjoying a good movie and socializing, but also the relaxation of what a spa has to offer.

With all the stress of school and work, I think it is about time to pamper yourself with a nice spa movie experience. For more inquiries, contact and visit the Blue Water Day Spa


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